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The Five Year Project | A Kindle Future

A Kindle Future

I recently did a pre-release of my first book. If you missed it I’ll still send it out, just subscribe by clicking

>>> here <<<

I told people that if they subscribed I’d send them my book. Most likely it would be an opportunity for them to be able to talk some trash to me. I offered people the opportunity to bash my writing by telling them to be blunt and tell me what sucked.

To my surprise… they did! haha

In 2013 I had a goal to have 100 people subscribe to my blog.

This last week I had over 50 people subscribe to my blog in one week. Almost half of them offered some sort of feedback. Some of them gave really positive and constructive criticism. It really showed me that if you are willing to put yourself out there and show some vulnerability some people will respond.

I learned that I need to practice my grammar, that my books need to have a focused theme, that my book needed to have a more unique perspective that most people were not already talking about, I was offered tons of help editing and copy-editing the book, I was offered help using new software, I was offered design advice, and on and on.

Although the large majority of people didn’t beat around the bush and told me the brutal truth there were also a couple who lied to me and told me that it rocked. Thanks mom!

Coupled with great feedback it was enough for me to push forward.

I hope to write a couple more books this year and even get some of them published on Amazon for the Kindle!

Do any of you have a kindle?

My dad gave me his a couple of years ago and it has never left my side. Amazon has taken over books. Books will never leave us, the format they are presented will however be different.

My dad also says the younger generation doesn’t read anymore.. I disagree. Ok, maybe we don’t write with fountain ink pens like he did….. but the rate at which we can transfer information and beautiful writings back and forth will help us to learn faster than ever before.

My Kindle has changed my life. Imagine having an entire bookshelf in your hand… that’s what it’s like. And there are so many books available to read for $0.99 or even free. Check it out on the Amazon Kindle store.

Also if you don’t have one, go get one. They’re only $69 for the standard. This is an investment you will never regret.

Click >>> here <<< and go get one.

What books have you been reading lately? Tell me in the comments below.



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