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Download 101 American English Idioms w/Audio CD: Learn to speak Like by Harry Collis, Mario Risso PDF

By Harry Collis, Mario Risso

This booklet makes American English words “duck soup.”

one zero one American English Idioms takes the secret out of those universal U.S. expressions and explains their meanings in context. at the audio CD, local audio system learn all the one zero one idioms, so that you can listen how American English sounds and perform what you may have realized.

What american citizens rather suggest once they say . . .

  • Drive anyone up a wall --annoy somebody drastically
  • Raise a stink --protest strongly
  • Pull a persons' leg --fool somebody
  • All thumbs --clumsy
  • Shoot the breeze --chat informally
  • Feel like one million funds --feel impressive
  • Duck soup --easy, effortless

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Example text

Fan-&w-tish). Farandole, Fr. nA-Jo/). France in 6-8 time. _ > % Fastdso, of an instrumental com- in the style of the above. lively dance of Southern Pompous. Festival. Feier, Ger. (ft-er). Feier-gesang, Ger. (Jt-ei-ghe-sdngA). Festival hymn. Festive, solemn. Feierlich, Ger. ( /V-er-likh). Fein, Ger. (fin). Fermame'nte, It. Delicate, refined. (far-ma-wzdw-te). With firmness. Fermata, It. (far-wza-tay. A pause, hold, interruption. F6rmo, //. (fdr-mo). Firm, decided. Fer6ce, a, //. (fa-rJ-che). ale ; a, add ; a care ; Wild, a, fierce.

Pride, dignity. pitch; high register. H6heit, Ger. (Ao-tiit). Dignity. Hold. The character /r\ placed over or under a note indi6, old ; o, odd ; 6, done ; oo, moon ; u, lute ; u, but ; u, (French). PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY 34 eating that such a note is to be prolonged beyond its The hold is also placed over a bar or time-value. double-bar indicating a pause before proceeding to the next measure or movement. It may also indicate the end of the composition. Homophone, Fr. The enharmonic of any tone, as g of fx.

Restless, vehement. Haughty, (em-pa-re-J-zo). lofty. ImpetO, It. (em-pe-to). Impetuosity. Impetu6so, It. (em-pa-too-J-zo). Impetuous. Impone'nte, In, It. It. (em-po-a-te). and Ger. Inacutire, Imposing, impressive. Into, in. To make //. (en-"a-koo-#-re). Inbrunst, Ger. (i-broonst). Inbrunstig, Ger. (r-briins-tig). a, ale ; a, add ; a, care ; "a, sharp. Ardor, fervor. arm ; Ardent, fervent. e, eve ; , end ; I, ice ; T, ill; OF MUSICAL TERMS It. Incalzando, //. Indeciso, (en-kon-s6-/a-t6). It. Indifferdnte, Furiously.

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