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You can just run the executable, but it won’t do much. While it doesn’t actually sandbox itself from your files in the same way as a virtual machine, it doesn’t give itself automatic access to them either. 30 300 PC TIPS Drag and drop: To run most games or applications in DOSBox, just drag the folder containing its files onto the ‘DOSBox’ icon. DOSBox treats this as a drive, with the folder as the root. If you run an installer, it can’t break out of there to copy any files without permission. If your software doesn’t run directly, you can set up a dual-boot system and install both operating systems.

Com/products/ server. You’ll have to supply the copy of Windows yourself though, and install it from scratch. 292 Try out a compatibility mode: Short of emulation, your only option for old Windows programs is a compatibility mode. Right-click a program, choose ‘Properties’ and open the Compatibility tab. This rarely seems to work, but it’s worth a shot. Set the program to run in compatibility mode for any of the supported OSes, which range from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, along with their service packs.

We recommend DOG, which you can get from the main DOSBox site. You create profiles for each application, along with their specific needs, then click their name to fire them up. 299 294 Downgrade Windows 7: If you have a lot of old software that you need to get running, you can’t simply switch into a compatibility mode to get 32-bit programs running in a 64-bit OS. They may work, but they may not. If you get an error message when you try to run one, your only recourse is to step back yourself. Windows 7 comes with an installation disc for its 32-bit version.

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