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By Poul Anderson

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To the main computer at the mining centrum. It was originally a top-level machine, you know, complete with awareness--whatever it may have suffered since. And it commanded repair and maintenance equipment as well. " Flandry smiled lopsidedly. "I wish now I had given it a call from orbit," he went on. "But with the skewball things we saw--we've lost that option. " Djana tensed anew. "I thought that's what you'd figure on," she said, winter bleak. "Nothing doing, lover. " "What else--" She had hardly begun to reply when he knew.

Too damn sweet, she thought. 96 g. if it had any concept akin to "home"? She drew a long breath, tossed her head so the tresses flew back over her shoulders, and donned a cocky grin. "I've a living to make," she said. " Rax's lower left tentacle groped ropily in a pouch and stretched forth holding a bill. "Here. Twice your regular hourly recompense, I am told. " She slipped the money into her purse, found a chair, drew forth a cigarette and inhaled it into lighting. Her visceral sensations she identified as part fear--this must be a scheme against Ammon, who played rough--and part excitement--a chance to make some real credit?

She reached into her purse. She was too late. The slugthrower had appeared. She stared down its muzzle, "If you do not cooperate tonight," Rax told her, "you are dead. Therefore, why not give yourself a chance to win a million credits? " Chapter IV The next stage of the adventure came a month afterward. That was when the mortal danger began. The sun that men had once named Mimir burned with four times the brightness of Sol; but at a distance of five astronomical units it showed tiny, a bluish-white firespot too intense for the unshielded eye.

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