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Download A Critique of the Study of Kinship by David M. Schneider PDF

By David M. Schneider

Schneider perspectives kinship examine as a fabricated from Western bias and demanding situations its use because the common degree of the research of social constitution

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Matam is a form of citamangen; the stem is tarn, just as the feminine form, tin, is the stem of the form citiningen. * In these contexts, where the scope of genung is marked by its reference to the particular tabinau it cuts across, the point of reference for the definition of genung is the tabinau to which it is related. There is yet another context which is marked by the relationship between two different genung with respect to a particular tabinau; where the one genung is in the position of land giver to the other genung, which is in the position of land receiver.

Each man ' who marries brings a woman of a different genung into the tabinau, and so the tabinau normally passes from the people of one genung (in the restricted sense of a small part of a matriline) to the people of another genung. Yet it is not a simple matter of one genung wholly succeeding another, for the mafen are the guardians of the land and retain the right to evict the succeeding genung from the land for just cause. They jealously guard the respect in which they must be held and their right to protect the rights of the landholder, who is the matam of The Second Description 33 their genung.

For the anthropologists who use the idea of kinship as code or idiom this does not necessarily exhaust the functions or the uses or the relevance of kinship. , in terms of which groups are formed and relations are defined. Such kin groups and such kinship relations are multifunctional or, as Sahlins (1968:viii) puts it, "versatile," that is, they serve many different functions. For example, lineage functions not merely as a kinship group for the Tallensi and qfher so-called segmentary societies, but also constitutes a multifunctional unit having economic, political, religious, and ideological as well as other functions.

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