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Download A Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk by Crown PDF

By Crown

Hardcover version of this linguistic number of euphemisms and different figures of speech by means of Hugh Rawson

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See also ABOVE CRITICAL and, for more about the NRC and Three Mile Island, EVENT. BM. A second-order euphemism, the abbreviation standing for "bowel movement," itself a euphemism. See also DEFECATE/DEFECATION. BO. " A dread condition that was first revealed to the public in the 1930s, BO is to the carcass as HALITOSIS is to the mouth. " (Dorothy Sayers, Murder Must Advertise, 1933). Descendants of "BO" include CO (canine odor) and DO (dog odor). See a l s o FRAGRANCE a n d PERSPIRE. body briefer.

Though they inspired much merriment at the time, the stock phrases are not as laughable as they look on paper. In conversation generally—and in cross-examination particularly—they are immensely useful, enabling the speaker to fill the air with words while the mind races ahead to frame the substance of the reply. In this respect, "at this point in time" is merely a more articulate version of the humdrum ub, urn, er, and YOU KNOW. For more testimonial talk, see INDICATE, NO RECALL (or MEMORY or RECOLLECTION) OF, and THIGH.

Without a suit or other clothes, naked, NUDE. People have been going about in invisible birthday suits at least since 1771, when Winifred Jenkins told Mrs. Mary Jones how she and a housemaid had been surprised by Sir George Coon while they "bathed in our birth-day soot" (Tobias Smollett, Humphrey Clinker). Variations of the period included birthday attire, birthday clothes, birthday finery, and birthday gear. birthparents. A new euphemism for unwed parents,- specifically, those who have given up their bastard, or LOVE CHILD, for adoption.

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