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Download A Feminist Companion to the Bible the Latter Prophets (The by Athalya Brenner, Carole R. Fontaine PDF

By Athalya Brenner, Carole R. Fontaine

The authoritative prestige of 'Prophecy' within the Bible poses a problem to the feminist readers. This problem is sharpened by way of the common symbolism in prophetic discourse of girl, spouse, mom, harlot and using what the quantity name 'pornoprophetics'. during this assortment it's the ebook of Hosea that pulls distinctive realization, yet there also are articles on sexual violence and an introductory essay on prophecy itself as a literary phenomenon. This Feminist significant other bargains a pointy disagreement among the voice of the prophetic male and the resistance of the feminist reader. learn more... Hosea ; A reaction to "Hosea" / Carole R. Fontaine -- the feminine physique, the physique politic and the land : a sociopolitical examining of Hosea 1-2 / Alice A. Keefe -- Boxing Gomer : controlling the deviant lady in Hosea 1-3 / Yvonne Sherwood -- God is to Israel as husband is to spouse : the metaphoric battering of Hosea's spouse / Naomi Graetz -- myth and the displacement of delight : Hosea 2.4-17 / Francis Landy -- Hosea 1-3, Genesis 1-4 and masculist interpretation / John Goldingay -- Marital constancy and intimacy : a view from Hosea four / Mayer I. Gruber -- i'm going to spoil your mom : the obliteration of a cultic function in Hosea 4.4-6 / Margaret S. Odell -- God as mom in Hosea eleven / Helen Schungel-Straumann -- strains of the goddess within the e-book of Hosea / Marie-Theres Wacker -- The metaphorization of girl in prophetic speech : an research of Ezekiel 23 / Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes -- On prophetic propaganda and the politics of "love" : the case of Jeremiah / Athalya Brenner -- wish lower than the terebinths : on pornographic illustration within the Prophets : a reaction / Robert P. Carroll -- Rape as an army metaphor within the Hebrew Bible / Pamela Gordon and Harold C. Washington -- historic close to jap treaty-curses and the final word texts of terror : a learn of the language of divine sexual abuse within the prophetic corpus / F. Rachel Magdalene -- Can God be relied on? : confronting the misleading God / Nancy R. Bowen

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Confronting the Deceptive God', Nancy R. Bowen explores another unsavoury image of the divine: YHWH as deceiver, mainly in Ezek. 1-11. Bowen suggests that recognition of YHWH's occasional deceit may be liberating for womanly readers. The divine deceptions discussed facilitate transition from an existing situation toward an alternative reality, not necessarily of liberation but of hope. Although the idea of divine deception is painful, this divine trickster-style behaviour can be read as functional.

In Keefe's analysis the female imagery employed in Hosea does not represent a rejected female otherness but a lost world, in which harmony between the sacred and the divine was possible. The central trope, then, is neither adultery nor fertility cult nor an inherent negativity of female sexuality but, rather, the lost land and everything the land stands for. The boxing or battering of Corner—the fictitious, real or symbolic wife—is the theme of Sherwood's and Graetz's articles. In 'Boxing Corner: Controlling the Deviant Woman in Hosea 1-3', Yvonne Sherwood explores aspects of the solidarity implicitly sought between readers and text.

Then, we apply these considerations to the different passages discussed. Van DijkHemmes analyses Ezekiel 23 which, together with ch. 16 and Hosea 1-3, belongs to the set of fully-fledged articulations of the marriage metaphor. She shows how features like shaming the (metaphorical) female victim while attributing positive or neutral value to male sexuality operate within the metaphorization of Judah/Jerusalem and Israel/Samaria into women. These features, she points out, are potentially destructive for women's social standing and self-esteem.

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