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By Allen McConnell

." lots of the Russians have been worried to profit"

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Lessing's vivid and probing plays were still in the future. True, the use of reason, so triumphantly proclaimed by the philosophes, was tried in Germany, but the timid Christian Wolff and Gottsched - reigning authorities in German universities during Radishchev's stay - had used reason to reconcile men to authority. Germany's politics were hardly more inspiring than her culture when Radishchev left Leipzig. The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation was split into several hundred states and free cities, governed by absolute monarchs and hereditary oligarchies.

The trial, conducted by University authorities, was held in Leipzig from July I to July I3. 3 Testimony was taken from the students' tutor, Neiman, Bokum's clerk Zellius, the students' servants, and Bokum's Russian servants before interrogating the students room by room. None of the witnesses could say how many of the students came to see Bokum and some said only Nasakin had a sword, others "the majority" had them. The servants, not understanding more than one language, were confused by the mixed Russian, German and French exchanges.

R. I. , x (1872), I07-Irr. , rr8. " 3 "Zhitie," Kallash, I, 126. 4 Ts. G. A. D. , F. 17, d. 62, 1. 537, cited in Startsev, op. , 36. s "e'est Ie plus raisonnable de tous les savans allemans," were his words after an interview with Gellert on December 18, 1760, and this despite Gellert's feelings of horror at the battle of Rossbach, a German army's first victory since the days of Maximilian. Gellert, Sammtliche Schritten, IX, 16. 6 Goethe, op. , Siebentes Buch, 324. 32 LEIPZIG UNIVERSITY II Platner, teaching philosophy and physiology, attracted his listeners by the freshness of his courses and his lively, if disorganized, exposition.

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