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A Social background of rainy Nursing in the USA: From Breast to Bottle examines the intersection of clinical technology, social thought, and cultural practices as they formed family between rainy nurses, physicians, and households from the colonial interval in the course of the 20th century. It explores how americans used rainy nursing to resolve toddler feeding difficulties, exhibits why rainy nursing turned debatable as motherhood slowly grew to become medicalized, and elaborates how the improvement of clinical baby feeding eradicated rainy nursing by way of the start of the 20 th century. Janet Golden's examine contributes to our knowing of the cultural authority of clinical technology, the function of physicians in shaping baby rearing practices, the social development of motherhood, and the profound dilemmas of sophistication and tradition that performed out within the inner most house of the nursery.

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Dickson, W. Creech, and C. Elliot, 1781). 25 William Buchan, Advice to Mothers, on the Subject of their own Health; and of the Means of Promoting the Health, Strength, and Beauty of Their Offspring (Boston: Printed for Joseph Bumstead, 1809), p. 68. Wet nursing in colonial America 17 26 as throughout Britain. His mixture of warnings and recommendations resounded with theflamboyanceof the pulpit, but he addressed an audience demanding practical advice. Buchan and other physicians understood that readers consulted home medical guides not to learn lessons of morality, but to resolve a crisis in the nursery.

Walter Jones, a Richmond practitioner, intellectual, and politician. 66 For other reactions to this custom, see Spruill, Women's Life and Work in the Southern Colonies, pp. 55-6; and Fildes, Wet Nursing, p. 141. In an interview, Mattie Logan, a former slave, recalled having been told that she had nursed on one of her mother's breasts while the mistress' child nursed on the other. George P. , The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography, vol. : Greenwood, 1972), p. 187. Wet nursing in colonial America 27 the Maryland Gazette in 1750.

However, to understand wet nursing at its most fundamental, experiential level, it is necessary to explore individual instances of wet nursing and judge the meaning of the wet nursing relationship to all involved: the suckling, the employer, the wet nurse, and the wet nurse's family. The diary kept by Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker, the wife of a prosperous Philadelphia merchant and manufacturer, offers an opportunity to view and dissect three instances of wet nursing. Drinker, the mother of eight, nursed five of her children and retained wet nurses for three others.

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