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Download A South Carolina chronology, 1497-1992 by George C. Rogers PDF

By George C. Rogers

Describes the crucial occasions occuring within the background of the Palmetto kingdom from 1497-1970.

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NovemberDecember. Governor James Moore attacked St. Augustine. He failed to take the fort but burned the town. December 25. The Reverend Samuel Thomas, the first missionary sent out by the recently established Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, reached Charles Town. 1703 April. Bills of credit were issued to the value of £6,000 to pay for the war against Florida (the first "paper money" issued). May 6. In order to break up the brisk trade in Indian slaves, the Assembly placed a duty of twenty shillings per head on each Indian slave exported.

We know very little about the Native Americans who lived here before European settlement. Each year new archeological discoveries are made, and we learn more about the first inhabitants of this area. The perspective of our globe has changed drastically in the past two decades as the theory of plate tectonics has been accepted. The continents do float on the mantle of the earth. Pangaea is the concept of the first land masses when they were all nestled together. Since that time the seven continents have drifted apart until they took the configuration that they make today on the globe.

Charles Pinckney, the father of Charles Cotesworth and Thomas Pinckney, died. Page 34 1759 NovemberDecember. Governor Lyttelton's expedition against the Cherokees ended with a treaty hastily drawn on December 26. 1760 The estimated population of the colony, excluding tribal Indians, was 84,000, of whom about 52,000 were black slaves. January 12. The soldiers returning to Charles Town from the Cherokee campaign brought back smallpox and a virulent epidemic ensued. February 1. The mother of Patrick Calhoun was one of twenty-three people slain by the Cherokee Indians near Long Canes Creek.

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