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Download Alex Marciniszyn, The Palladium Book of Exotic Weapons by Matthew Balent PDF

By Matthew Balent

Beneficial properties over 70 various particular and unusual guns from world wide.

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Measurements obtained by the use of discs have proven to be much more reproducible and more accurate. Since there are many calibers it is necessary to have a number of pairs of dies and punches. 41 inch. For the other calibers the variation is small and usually one pair will suffice for each. The punch and die set illustrated consists of a heavy base plate, semicircular in shape, upon which is mounted a heavy column carrying the punch holder and the operating lever. The dies are set in a secondary heavy steel platform having a series of holes arranged in an arc described by the rotation of the punch holder.

Were procured and first set up for use in April 1925. It was a great success from the beginning and Goddard published a paper on the subject in the NovemberDecember issue of Army Ordnance. The instrument soon obtained wide publicity through this and other articles, and to Goddard goes the principal credit for this great advance in firearms identification technique, since Gravelle never actually used the instrument in firearms identifications. A comparison microscope (Figs. 46 to 52) consists essentially of two compound microscopes, having identical optical systems, so that they give the same magnification, connected by an optical „bridge“ containing a combination of prisms such that by viewing two separate objects (one under each microscope) through a single eyepiece the two objects may be compared by bringing the images of parts of each into juxtaposition.

In examining extractor marks, ejector marks, and the bottoms of firing pin impressions, higher magnifications may be desirable than are used in examining the markings on bullets. Depth of focus is very important here, especially for curved or uneven surfaces, and a small aperture must be used in taking photographs, in order to get the desired depth and clarity in the final picture, since the lens of a camera cannot adjust itself to depth as the eye does. The comparison microscope is very useful in matching markings on fired shells.

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