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By William Sleator

A dismal awakening . . .

When her mom and dad supply her a dark outdated dollhouse for her birthday rather than the 10 pace motorcycle she's looking forward to, Vicky is disenchanted. yet she quickly turns into serious about the small shadowy international and its population. The hours she spends fiddling with the dolls is an efficient approach to break out from her parents's arguments. As Vicky's existence turns into extra , she begins to take out her frustration at the dolls, making their lives as unsatisfied as hers.

Then in the future, Vicky wakes up contained in the dollhouse, trapped one of the monsters she's created. Bewildered, Vicky is certain she's dreaming. Can she locate her approach out of this nightmare global?

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That was the summer when Abby realized it was more than her having a problem going from dark to light, more than bumping 26 M I L L I O N - D O L L A R T H ROW into things at night, more than having trouble sitting at her window and staring at the stars, one of her favorite things her whole life. He knew now that the loss of night vision and peripheral vision were just two of her symptoms, knew that the cones closest to the center of her eyes were already making her sense of color go haywire. Abby herself had told him that, explaining why her paintings looked the way they did, explaining that if they both looked at the same rainbow and then she painted it, the colors would look completely different than they had to Nate, as though she were living on the other side of the rainbow.

But something did. Nate saw the whole thing playing out like it was in slow motion, saw her start to stumble, knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop herself, saw her pitch forward as she completely lost her balance. And now Nate’s throw wasn’t leading her the way he’d wanted it to, it was catching her on the side of her head, sending those big sunglasses flying. Nate ran toward her as soon as she hit the ground, getting to her before the ball had even stopped rolling away. “Abs, I’m so sorry,” he said.

But Abby never complained when he wanted to see one of his movies—Abby called them all the same thing, War of the Exploding Car-Chasing Aliens—so Nate went along with her, just to keep her company. It was something he knew he could never possibly explain to his buds or even to Abby herself. But for Nate, it wasn’t just sitting back in the pocket where he felt the best. It was pretty much in any room that Abby was in. So they went to the movies. And Nate didn’t have a clue at the time, because she hadn’t said anything, that she’d started having a terrible time with her night vision.

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