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By Gerard Clauson

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Rare. -du:, etc. in egdu:, umdu:, siiktii: seems to be a Sec. f, of d ~ : . -&:l-gii: properly a Conjugational Suff. g. bi1e:gii: 'whetstone'; most of the remainder are Conc. g. g. 02la:gu: 'gently nurtured'; it appears in crasis in words like ertigii: and yaku:. ; attached only to Refl. s (and tin-); prob. a crasis of -iq etc. which seems not to be attached to Refl. s in the early period ; common. ) in bosgeq, a Conc. I. in the early period but commoner later; perhaps merely a Sec. f. of -&I$.

Cai. Chuvash language, para. 2. @v. D Dat. R641126 (I) Code letter, para. 15; (2) prefix, 'Derived', para. 18 (2). Dative case. b xxxiv A B B R E V I A T I O N S , S H O R T TITLES, ETC. Den. der. Desid. Dev. Dict. Dim. Dis. do. Iloerfer Denominal, derived from a noun. derived. Desiderative (form of verb). Deverhal, derived from a verb. Dictionary. Diminutive (form of noun). Dissyllable. ditto, 'the same'. Prof. G. Doerfcr, pnra. 64 (3). E ET' Y (I) Code letter, para. 15; (2) prefix, 'Error', para.

G. t e g r i d e m 'god-like'; rare. -am/-em/-un an obsolete Plur. Suff. (see I i q . ) in oela:n, ere:n, bodun, and perhaps oze:n. ) in b a l l k q ~ n kokqinjkiikgin. , -ttn/-tun/-din/-dun, etc. a Loc. g. tagttn 'outside'; to be distinguished fr. the partially homophonous Abl. Suff. -&~:n/-ge:n forms Conc. s W. g. a r p a g a : n , t e m i i r g e n ; very rare; also a Dev. Suff. and an Ending. -gun/-a:&n etc. g. a l k u g u n , kadna:gun, keligiin; very rare; cf. -a:gu:/-e:gii:. -ka:n/ke:n forms an Adj.

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