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Download Anatomical Dissections for Use in Neurosurgery: Vol. 1 by Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Seeger, PD Dr. Hans-Rudolf Eggert PDF

By Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Seeger, PD Dr. Hans-Rudolf Eggert (auth.)

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Of Sylvian fissure is· preserved, for orientation) A Anatomical preparation B Sketch (coronal plane) for A ===-__ ---=====- ~ 55 [:1 --- R pas(SYLVII t sulci )lat. 0t Par s as ( end ens 7(. - ~"I 0/ Ironlll pol. -or I I / I I FIG. ,,, ru,duII d I $f' ln,n of Eryn 10 STEPIWl, \ I I ,/ - ---- ~ ...... 1 56 Fig. 28 U Resection of Atrium wall from a dorso-occipital direction in order to prevent damage to Thalamus (black arrow). 5 em. Parieto-occipitotemporal segments of Corona radiata and aU long association fibers which connect occipital and temporal lobe with anterior parts of the hemisphere, must pass this small area.

14 to 16. Allocortex ("limbic" cortex), Mesocortex and Neocortex in mammals and man. ) Mesocortex is an transition zone with neocortical and allocortical elements. Neocortex has its origin at the lateral surface of the hemisphere Corpus callosum is the commissure between neocortical areas Lesions of allocortical structures may produce epilepsy and psychological deficits; they are the most important structures of the brain. Therefore now a short summary of ontogenesis and phylogenesis may be given Fig.

Therefore a bridging gyrus between Gyrus praecentralis and postcentralis must be interrupted (see 1) At first only a small part of Gyrus postcentralis is to be resected (2). Cortical resection not deeper than sulci Stepwise resection of this basal part of Gyrus postcentralis see 3 to 7 37 FIG. , I \ 5 I I LATERAL AND MEDIAL CORTEX CEREBRI 1 ...... 138 ---1 Fig. 19. Definition of Lobulus paracentralis on the medial surface of the hemisphere Resection of the posterior part of Lobulus paracentralis (8 to 10) Stepwise resection of Gyrus postcentralis (11) Sulcus centralis, Sulcus praecentralls, Sulcus postcentralls may be interrupted by some bridging gyri which may be transeded -xBridging gyri may mask the course of Sulcus centralis.

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