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Download Application Development Using C# and .NET by Michael Stiefel PDF

By Michael Stiefel

This publication supplies skilled builders perception had to construct firm functions for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. wide code examples and a working case learn illustrate .NET recommendations and applied sciences. After an overview of the programming version of the .NET framework, assurance comprises the C# programming language, primary subject matters within the .NET framework reminiscent of home windows kinds periods and ADO.NET, net programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra subject matters within the .NET Framework together with safety and interoperability. Stiefel is a expert focusing on Microsoft know-how; Oberg is founding father of a company that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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In case your goal in company intelligence reporting is enterprise gadgets good fortune, this can be the source for you. supplies an intensive run-down of the software program, plus insurance of internet intelligence, advanced queries, multidimensional research, and extra. writer Cindi Howson has lots of hands-on adventure with the product.

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Software program styles have revolutionized the best way builders take into consideration how software program is designed, equipped, and documented, and this precise ebook deals an in-depth glance of what styles are, what they aren't, and the way to take advantage of them effectively the single e-book to aim to advance a accomplished language that integrates styles from key literature, it additionally serves as a reference guide for all pattern-oriented software program structure (POSA) styles Addresses the query of what a development language is and compares a variety of development paradigms builders and programmers working in an object-oriented surroundings will locate this publication to be a useful source

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This textbook offers a revolutionary method of the educating of software program engineering. First, readers are brought to the center ideas of the object-oriented technique, that is used through the ebook to behave because the origin for software program engineering and programming practices, and in part for the software program engineering procedure itself.

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Up-to-date for UML 1. four, this publication is an advent to the Unified Modeling Language for college students studying approximately item- and component-based software program layout and improvement. The objective of the e-book is to motivate a realistic and open-minded method of real-life software program engineering. It locations UML within the context of the software program engineering self-discipline as a complete, supplying scholars with a realistic figuring out of fine perform in software program layout and improvement.

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58 59 A language such as Smalltalk also has such a feature but pays the price of inefficiency for simple types. Languages such as C++ and Java treat simple built-in types differently from objects, thus obtaining efficiency but at the cost of a unified type system. C# enjoys the best of both worlds through a process known as boxing. Boxing converts a value type such as int or a struct to an object reference and is done implicitly. Unboxing converts a boxed value type (stored on the heap) back to an unboxed simple value (stored on the stack).

By default, the first enum member is assigned the value 0, the second member 1, and so on. Constant values can be explicitly assigned. , BookingStatus). You can refer to the enumerated values by using the dot notation. WriteLine("Hotel not found"); ... Reference Types A variable of a reference type does not directly contain its data but instead provides a reference to the data stored in the heap. In C# there are the following kinds of reference types: • Class • Array • Interface • Delegate Reference types have a special value null, which indicates the absence of an instance.

The Main method must always be static. You call a static method by using the dot notation, with the class name in front of the dot. Because you must call a static method without an instance, a static method can use only static data members and not instance data members. Static methods may be declared public or private. A private static method, like other private methods, may be used as a helper function within a class, but not called from outside. Sample Program Our previous Customer class relied on the user of the class to assign a CustomerId for the customer.

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