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By Geoff Thompson

Through the struggle or flight syndrome we event what's often called 'mid mind' the place we aren't discernable from animals and our basically main issue is that of survival. Our intuition in mid mind then is 'to run' away in place of 'stand and fight'. This intuition is deeply embedded in our genes and is going again millions of years to our Mammalian ancestry the place assailants have been too nice to face and struggle and 'flight' used to be regularly the favoured reaction. The artwork of posturing works in this confirmed premise and teaches you the way to set off mid mind in a possible assailant and actually frighten him into 'flight intuition' (so that he runs away) and beat him with out changing into actual. It additionally is helping to give an explanation for (and for this reason provide solace) why we consider like operating clear of all confrontational moments in existence and the way we will be able to educate ourselves and our scholars to beat this average intuition whilst might be runninf away isn't in our greatest pursuits.

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If I have a fight I want it to be for a better reason than, ‘the guy was staring at me’. ’ Violence is a serious game, so don’t walk into it with any romantic ideas of how it is going to be. It is always ugly and 43 The Art of Fighting Without Fighting always frightening. I have never stood in front of a man that I wanted to fight, never had perfect conditions and never thought ‘Yeah, I’ m ready for this’. ’ Having said all that, and having meant it, if it is going to ‘kick off’, if you are sure and there is no other way don’t hesitate, never allow anyone the opportunity to attack you first.

In either case the dialogue is employed to gain and distract attention before attack. Generally speaking, the greater the crime, the greater the deception. ’ Whilst at the top of the scale the rapist or murderer will prime his victim with anything from a gentlemanly request for directions to, as in the case of killer John Cannan, sending his intended victims, (usually women he had spotted in the street and followed or just met) champagne, flowers and dinner invitations – the ultimate primers for rape and murder.

Often if the attacker needs more information he will initiate an exploratory approach, coupled with disarming dialogue. It is also used as a secondary awareness assessment – the attacker wants to see if you are switched on, wants to make sure he is safe before he attacks. If at this point, or at any 49 The Art of Fighting Without Fighting point after victim stalking, the victim appears switched off, the mugger may initiate his threatened attack without further priming. Unless the attacker is a real pro he will show signs of adrenal reaction in the exploratory approach that you will sense.

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