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Download Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the by Martha T. Roth PDF

By Martha T. Roth

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity thirteen, Q edited through Martha T Roth xxiv + 332p (Oriental Institute, 1982)

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46 and ZA 52 110 n. 38, Nougayrol, Syria 33 159 n. 3. ), cf. ibid. ) see labaru. Landsberger, MAOG 4 306 and n. 5; Romer Konigshymnen p. 271. ; tendon of the neck, neck; OB, MA, SB; wr. syll. (la-a-ba-ni necks (of my soldiers) AKA 53 iii 45, Tigl. GTf. sa. AKA 53 iii 45 (Tigl. I). c) neck: ki kunukki ina li-ba-ni-ka taktar argu you put it like a seal around your neck bal = la-ba-nu Hh. [gu] = [la-ba-nu] = [jer]-'-a-nu ki4adi Hg. sa. dah = la-ba-nu Nabnitu Ebeling Parfiimrez. pl. ) 7, see Or. NS 22 33 E 194ff.

26 (Kedorlaomer text). VAB 4 72 i 51, The stem labsu is attested as a finite verb note the elaboration: only in Gilg. P. iii 26 (perhaps to be emended papdha DN ... sippusu sigarusu u giskanak kiZu hjurdsai4-a-al-bi-iS ibid. ); erene dannuti hurasa i4-a-al-bi-is-ma ana sulul ... uSatris ibid. ; paissr takne ... hurdsa namri 4-Sa-al-bi-is ibid. ), cf. (said of a table) esmard ebbu iz-albi KAV 171:7 and 25 (Sin-Aar-iskun); mus ui-ga-al-bi-iS-ma hbuSd ert ... tiri kaspi ebbi ... ), cf. muBhude sdriri zi-Sal-big ibid.

Iii 38, and passim in this text and dupl. BI DU1 0 -ab KAR 178 i 25, dupl. ). gig. , see lamastu lex. section. a) 256:12 (Shalm. III), cf. enima bitu i u-salba-ru-ma ennahu AOB 1 124 iv 38, cf. ibid. 136 r. 16 (Shalm. I), 70 r. 11, 72:33, 78 r. 6, AfO 5 92:43 (Adn. I), Weidner Tn. 16 No. 7:61, 20 No. 10:29, also 55 No. 60:11 (Assur-res-isi I), AfO 18 344:46, 353:91, AfO 19 143:37 (Tigl. I), Scheil Tn. II r. 61; for other refs. see andhu A mng. 3a. in enumerations of evil demons: lamatu la-ba-su ahhazu ASKT p.

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