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Download Asterix and the Soothsayer (Asterix) by Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo PDF

By Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

It used to be a gloomy and stormy evening, and a sinister customer has arrived within the little Gaulish village the place Asterix lives. Prolix claims he is a soothsayer, and the townsfolk think each be aware he says. in basic terms Asterix understands higher. How can he make all his acquaintances see the reality?

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Let’s blow up the whole planet and be done with it. Like what? Not bending our pinkies? Great idea! Rebuilding from the ground up could be a very profitable venture for me and my associates. Hey! Cut that out! I don't have hands! The truth is, we want to invade them before they invade us. They want to invade you? Isn’t that good enough for the little blondie? Well . . we’re not sure. But at the rate their technology is advancing, they could soon take over the universe. Nonsense! They’re nowhere near that advanced, and you know it!

I ... 29 Sorry, Bamako, but I won’t let you do that! Hogwash! Guards! Put them both in irons! Quickly, Brooklin! What in the world . . Stop them! I know where to find Sahara, Little Prince . . 30 Soldier Galen, bar this door! We have some hurt soldiers. Go and get Dr. Opera. It can’t be all that complicated . . Just a tiny tweak and everything will return to normal. As for me, I’ll take care of the power plant. There, a small turn to the left. . Better be careful, Bamako... Blasted power plant!

Wait! 34 Stop laughing at me ! I can ’t help it ! soldiers, we have to face facts. We don’t know what we’re doing! Grumph! Commander Bamako, we need Sahara! Only he can repair the power plant. You’re right, Fox. . but how can we find him? Of course! Another stroke of genius, Fox! Once Sahara has repaired the power plant, we can get rid of him. My sense of smell, Commander! No one knows the Little Prince’s scent better than me, and he can’t be far from Sahara. 35 36 Little Prince, I’m scared. I’m sure Sahara thinks I’ve betrayed him .

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