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By Rene Goscinny

While the Romans take Huevos y Bacon’s son hostage, they become aware of that Little Pepe is a poor handful. So perhaps the legionnaires won’t brain loads while Asterix and Obelix keep him. yet alongside the way in which there’s plenty of event, with Asterix inventing the paintings of bullfighting.

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I have a plan! Um … I found mine inside of a tree … not in the ground. I know! What do you think the chances are that I’d find another totem in another tree? Chances are pretty slim, Rufus! There was only one sword in the stone! Only one genie in the lamp! Sheesh! I don’t know? Why do you want a totem so badly? What will you use it for? Well, what have you been using yours for?! … TO LOOK FOR LOST TOYS??? Are you serious? You basically use the totem … Well … it’s not like there are any wolves to fight in Van City … You could go on some real adventures!

He’s only a boy. A boy who can turn into a big, red, bearlike creature! Oh, I’m sure we can find a way to trick him into giving it to us. What are we doing, Talon? Let’s go, ravens! Hey, guys … can’t we do this after lunch? Do you have a plan? I’m really hungry. Hey. WHAAAHH! SHH! No, you be quiet! You started screaming first. WHAAAHH! Penny … I think I’m going to die. Say what, now? And? Are they … ninja assassin ravens? I saw eight ravens out back! Eight! Eight ravens means death! Grammy said so!

I’m running out of ways to explain to my mom how I keep “losing” them. Maybe in ::ugh:: here … Penny! Can you see me from here? Penny …? Hey … I don’t recognize any of these trees … I’m lost again! It’s all right. I’ve found you. What have you done with Sidney!? Just in time, too. Your friend, the squirrel, is in trouble. I have bad news for you. Whaaat!? No! Sidney, as you call him, has been eaten by a wolf. But we can still save him! Give me your magic totem! My totem ...? I will take the totem and let the wolf eat me, too … … taking care that he swallows me whole, of course!

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