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By Harun Yahya

The fossil list may be an important proof that demolishes the idea of evolution's claims. Fossils show that lifestyles kinds in the world have by no means gone through even the slightest swap and feature by no means constructed into each other. studying the fossil checklist, we see that residing issues are the exact same this present day as they have been hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years ago-in different phrases, that they by no means underwent evolution. Even in the course of the so much historic classes, lifestyles types emerged unexpectedly with all their complicated structures-with the ideal and stronger good points, simply as do their opposite numbers today.
This demonstrates one proven fact: residing issues didn't come into being throughout the imaginary techniques of evolution. all of the dwelling issues that experience ever existed on the earth have been created via God. This truth of construction is once more printed within the lines left in the back of them by means of ideal residing things.
This booklet offers you not just such details as what fossils are and the place and the way they're discovered, but in addition a better exam of various fossil specimens, thousands of years outdated, which are nonetheless in a position to claim, "We by no means underwent evolution; we have been created." The fossils mentioned and illustrated during this e-book are only a number of examples of the loads of thousands of specimens that turn out the very fact of construction. or even those few are sufficient to turn out that the speculation of evolution is an enormous hoax and deception within the background of technology.

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Genetics, microbiology, paleontology, geology and all other branches of science constantly reveal a truth that Darwin and the supporters of Darwinism never wanted and perhaps never expected—the fact of creation. The irrational and unscientific claims that Darwinists make, the frauds they perpetrate to deceive the public, and the propaganda they employ to mislead people are only signs of their despair. Subsequent generations will be amazed at how people once believed in the Darwinist myth. Because all scientific findings show the manifest fact that evolution never happened, and that God created the universe and all living things.

The Petrified Forest in Arizona—of fossilized, opalized logs—is one of the most famous structures of the plants from the Triassic Period. This forest, consisting of trees now known as the Chilean araucaria is evidence that plants have not evolved. These trees, which lived 248 to 206 million years ago, are no different from ones living today. Scientists working on fossils from the Triassic Period Adnan Oktar 35 The Jurassic Period (206 to 144 million years ago) This part of the Mesozoic saw large numbers and varieties of dinosaurs.

FOSSIL CLEANING BY ACID One method for cleaning fossils is to use acid. It is an efficient method to clean the limestone rock surrounding a fossil without harming it. 1. The rock surrounding the fossil is submerged into the proper acid until a small portion of the fossil appears. 2. The emerging section of the fossil is washed and covered with a material resistant to acid. 3. Fossil is submerged into acid once again, and these operations are repeated a few more times. 4. The protective material should be applied to the exposed portion of the fossil, so as to protect it from any harm.

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