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Download Atlas of Human Reproduction: By Scanning Electron Microscopy by P. Kenemans, V. P. Collins, U. Brunk (auth.), E. S. E. PDF

By P. Kenemans, V. P. Collins, U. Brunk (auth.), E. S. E. Hafez, P. Kenemans (eds.)

The recommendation of Max Knoll that an electron thinking about the varied SEM images, the wealth of knowledge and the passion of the microscope will be constructed utilizing a good scanning researchers masking a number of disciplines. All points beam of electrons on a specimen floor and recording the emitted present as a functionality of the placement of the of the feminine and male genital tract were coated, beam used to be introduced in 1935. in view that then a number of culminating within the prizewinning award exhibiting the in investigators and clinicians have used this idea to vitro fertilized human egg. increase thoughts referred to now as scanning electron In medical diagnostics SEM additionally proved to be a microscopy (SEM) and scanning transmission electron helpful complementary procedure, laying off new mild microscopy (STEM). the alternative to check the feminine on oncology, the pathogenesis of tubal illness and the reproductive organs used to be a logical one simply because cells and maturation technique of the placenta. destiny study has tissue samples should be sampled rather simply; nonetheless to be finished; e.g. quantification of SEM moreover, those cells and organs are stimulated pictures for significant and sound organic, regularly through the cyclic construction of hormones. clinical and statistical review in diagnostic This atlas demonstrates the cutting-edge in 1983. gynecology, obstetrics, andrology and oncology.

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Increased accumulation of glycogen in intermediate transitional and superficial layers. Lipid droplets appear during late follicular phase. Desquamation of cells before complete differentiation. Nuclear chromatin forms dense clumps concentrated at nuclear envelope. Nucleus shrinks, becomes irregular in shape, and pyknotic. Nucleoli lose granular component. Most organelles lose definition upon reaching desquamating layer. Glycogen is degraded intercellularly by lysosomal enzymes, leaving empty spaces.

Physiological squamous metaplasia often occurs as a patchy process in which, starting at the tips of the endocervical columnar villi and rugae, the endocervical columnar cells (bearing microvilli) become converted to large, flat, new squamous epithelial cells with a microridge surface pattern on their luminal cell sides. The process may become arrested at any stage. , 1973b; Ferenzcy and Richart, 1973; Sherman, 1977). Early metaplastic cells resemble more the endocervical glandular cell type, in that they are smaller in diameter, rounder, and with a slightly raised and bulging cell surface, covered with microvilli.

Forum, 32,459 Figure 2 (opposite) a: Adenosis vaginalis in LM b: Colposcopy of a cervical praeputium in adenosis vaginalis c: Colposcopy of large metaplastic surfaces in adenosis vaginalis with no proof of dysplasia in the biopsies d: Adenosis vaginalis in SEM e: Colposcopy of a clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina and ectocervix f: LM section of the same lesion g: Cell surface structure of a clear cell adenocarcinoma inSEM h: Detail of the clear cell adenocarcinoma THE VAGINA (PATHOLOGY) Figure 2 33 34 ATLAS OF HUMAN REPRODUCTION Figure 3 (opposite) a: Group of cells of a clear cell adenocarcinoma with some hobnail cells b: A single hobnail cell in SEM c: Detail of another hobnail cell d: Group of clear cells e: Colposcopy of a neovagina with the demarcation of neovaginal epithelium and peritoneum f: LM of neovaginal cells g: Sheet of neovaginal cells in SEM h: Detail of the same group of cells THE VAGINA (PATHOLOGY) Figure 3 35 5 The Bartholin gland M.

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