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Download Atom Bomb Blues (Doctor Who) by Andrew Cartmel PDF

By Andrew Cartmel

Los Alamos, 1944. an international struggle is being fought. within the American barren region, the race is directly to construct an atomic bomb. The destiny of the realm is at stake, in additional methods than one. The 7th surgeon arrives, posing as a nuclear scientist; Ace is his driving force and learn assistant. they're right here simply because anyone, or anything, is making an attempt to change the process background at this such a lot gentle element and smash the human race. enjoying detective one of the A-bomb scientists, the health care provider attempts to prevent falling less than suspicion himself, however the head of Los Alamos defense is confident that whatever isn't rather correct in regards to the small, eccentric Scottish learn physicist calling himself Dr John Smith. because the mins tick away to the world's first atom bomb attempt, the general practitioner and Ace locate themselves as much as their necks in spies, extraterrestrial beings, and a few very nasty saboteurs from one other size.

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Silent. Ace realised that the refrigerator was making no noise at all. ’ she said. ’ Ray smiled as he came back with two rather inviting looking bottles of beer. The cool green bottles were frosted with dew. ‘But it’s silent, baby. Peltier effect. I rigged it up myself. ’ He slammed the door behind him with his foot and brought the bottles back to the armchairs. ‘We couldn’t have refrigerator compressor noise in the same room as the music , could we baby? And speaking of music…’ He had no sooner sat down beside Ace, both of them with beers in their hands, than he bobbed back up again and moved nervously towards the record player.

He was halfway up the stairs, moving in a brisk athletic lope, when he looked up and saw Ace. ‘Ah,’ he said. ‘I was hoping to catch you here. ’ ‘Butcher? Here? ’ ‘To confiscate a record by some Japanese-American singer called Lady Silk. ’ ‘How baffling. ’ ‘Still inside, interrogating Ray. ’ The sound of jazz blasted from Ray’s apartment, echoing through the hallway. Ace and the Doctor turned and started down the steps below the central balcony, back out into the daylight. The Doctor had just reached the bottom step, moving slightly ahead of Ace, when there was a sudden sharp crack of sound.

Oppy picked up the shovel. ’ said the Doctor. ’ Oppy shrugged, his lanky frame shuddering. ‘Nothing, I guess. It’s a man’s job really. ’ He rested the shovel on his shoulder and glanced at the house. ’ Oppy shrugged again. ‘If you really want to. ’ He and the Doctor started for the rear of the house, leaving Ace in the front yard. She stayed there for all of five seconds, then followed. She found the two men standing by the kitchen door. Oppy was saying, ‘Kitty called me home. She was having a conniption fit and I can’t say I blame her.

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