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Download B Boron Compounds: Boron and Noble Gases, Hydrogen by Lawrence Barton, Thomas Onak, Jürgen Faust, Kurt Niedenzu, PDF

By Lawrence Barton, Thomas Onak, Jürgen Faust, Kurt Niedenzu, R. Bohrer

A huge insurance of boron themes is equipped. Structural elucidations and handy routes to precious hydroboration reagents are awarded in addition to boron compounds used for scientific reasons. precise consciousness is dedicated to theoretical reviews and calculations on small boron-hydrogen and boron-noble gasoline species together with molecules like BH, that are relatively favourite topics of theoreticians for checking out a number of equipment of calculation.

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Gmelin Handbook B 4th Suppl. Vol. 1 Synthesis of Salts and Complexes of the Tetrahydroborate Anion Several tetrahydroborates were prepared and the details for the unsubstituted species are given in Table 2/2. This table describes the preparation of a range of species which include severallanthanide derivatives and some volatile actinide derivatives. Preparations of substituted species are given in Table 2/3, p. 42. Of notein the latter tabulation are the extension of the range of substituents at boron, the new mild and highly selective reducing species, "Evans' Reagent" (tetramethylammonium triacetoxyhydroborate), and the weil characterized tetramer {Na[HB(CH 3 h1}4.

G. (Organometallics 6 [1987] 1984/5). 5 Substituted Boranes, RBH 2 and R2 BH Very convenient routes to RBH 2 and R2 BH, both useful as hydroboration reagents, are now available [1 to 3]. The corresponding substituted tetrahydroborates are effectively considered as stabilized forms of these boranes. Treatment of the Li[H 2 BR 2 ] or Li[H 3 BR] species with either HCl, (CH 3 lJSiCl, or (CH 3 lJSi0 3 SCH 3 in diethyl ether or n-pentane affords the corresponding alkylborane. In cases where the presence of Lii is tolerable, the use of CH 3 I to Liberate the alkylboranes is very convenient.

93 [1989] 1745/52). ; Kost, D. (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 110 [1988] 2105/9). [14] Collidge, M. ; Borden, W. T. (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 110 [1988] 2298/9). [15] Sannigrahi, A. ; Kar, T. (J. Mol. Struct. 180 [1988] 149/60 [THEOCHEM 49]). [16] Taylor, C. ; Zerner, M. ; Ramsey, B. (J. Organometal. Chem. 317 [1986] 1/1 0). [17] Damewood, J. ; Hadad, C. M. (J. ·Phys. Chem. 92 [1988] 33/6). 6 Ions Derived from BH 3 The trihydroborate(-) anion, [BH 3 ]-, was studied experimentally and theoretically [1, 2]. A calculational study at the post-Hartree-Fock Level using MP perturbation theory has been used to estimate structure, characteristic vibrations, and magnetic properties.

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