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By Erica David

A narrative approximately Storyteller Tyrone on a trek around the wilderness. he is on his solution to the Arabian All-Star expertise convey on the Oasis. On his approach he comes throughout a few hindrances and he makes acquaintances alongside the way in which who turn out aiding him with these hindrances. those new buddies additionally attend the convey. His first trouble used to be a gaggle of palm bushes that moved to dam his method. Uniqua the Tree Charmer performs his flute to which the palm bushes start to sway and stream out of ways. moment quandary used to be a sandstorm that swept them up into the air yet fortunately Pablo, grasp of Storms used to be within reach. He used his employees and an previous relatives mystery to prevent the typhoon. 3rd problem used to be an outdated rickety bridge and thanks to the typhoon they're working past due for the expertise convey. on the way to make it in time they need to pass the bridge. whereas crossing, the ropes holiday and the forums fall from beneath them. As they are falling Austin, Carpet Pilot, top quality saves them along with his magic carpet. Carpet Pilot Austin finally ends up giving them a journey to the Oasis. The 4 tourists arrive simply because the final performer leaves the level and the host Tasha is ready to announce the winner. Tyrone yells, "Wait! Wait!" and they are given a chance to give an explanation for what occurred to them on their trip to the exhibit. Host Tasha desires to pay attention it! Tyrone and his 4 new pals inform the tale in their event. Host Tasha thinks it is the most fun tale she's ever heard in order that they received first prize.

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