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Download Behavioral Pharmacology: The Current Status by Bernard Weiss (auth.), Bernard Weiss, Victor G. Laties PDF

By Bernard Weiss (auth.), Bernard Weiss, Victor G. Laties (eds.)

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AND C". R. SCHUSTER. Effects of response-contingent shock and extinction on cocaine self-administration by monkeys. In press. 31. GUNNE, L. , E. ANGGARD AND L. E. jONSSON. Blockade of amphetamine effects in human subjects. Presented at the International Institute on the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence. , 1970. 32. , S. R. GOLDBERG, U. SCHLICHTING AND W. WUTTKE. Selfadministration of d-amphetamine, morphine and chlorpromazine by cocaine "dependent" rhesus monkeys. NaunynSchmiedebergs Arch.

Under optimal conditions, this type of schedule engenders a steady high rate of responding during each ratio component that is often (monkey 8-474), but not always (monkey 8-467), preceded by an initial brief period of no responding often referred to as a pause. The records at the right of Fig. 1 show representative performance of the same -two squirrel monkeys several months after the schedule of cocaine injection was changed to a 5-min fixed interval schedule. tg/kg cocaine; the injection was accompanied by abrief, 2-sec yellow light.

D. S. Comparative Psychology Monographs. 15: No. 7, 1940. 67. STOLERMAN, I. , AND R. KUMAR. Preferences for morphine in rats: validation of an experiment model of dependence. Psychopharmacologia 17: 137 -150, 1970. 68. , G. J. GERBER AND J. M. WOODS. Factors affecting behavior maintained by response-contingent intravenous infusions of amphetamine in squirrel monkeys. Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 48: 581-589, 1971. 69. , G. BIGELOW AND R. PICKENS. Environmental variables inftuencing drug self-administration.

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