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Download Behavioral Sciences by Ronald S. Krug Ph.D., Alvah R. Cass M.D. (auth.) PDF

By Ronald S. Krug Ph.D., Alvah R. Cass M.D. (auth.)

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Aphasia--left hemisphere (1) Prerolandic (frontal) lesions affect speech fluency. Is called motor, Broca's or expressive aphasia. (2) Postrolandic (temporal-parietal) lesions affect comprehension of speech. Is called sensory, Wernike's or receptive aphasia. (3) Conduction aphasia is due to lesions that interrupt the connections between the speech fluency and speech comprehension centers. The person has both fluency and comprehension; the only defect is in the repetition of words. (4) Transcortical aphasia can be either deficits in fluency or comprehension.

Despair Guiding the next generation, acquiring personal meaning in life, making a contribution. Maintain dignity of personal life. 25 to 50 yrs. 50-? yrs. yrs. Intimacy vs. Isolation ERIKSON Person knows who he is; must develop affiliation with others and some intimacy with them. NORMAL 18-25 AGE (Senescence) (Maturity or Genital Character) (Young Adulthood) FREUD PSYCHOSEXUAL DEVELOPMENT ~ w 38 H. Growth and Development Addendum 1. 2. Child Abuse a. Includes (1) purposeful physical and emotional harm, (2) sexual abuse, and (3) neglect.

Thumb and forefinger form a "c". Normally disappears about 4-6 months. Sometimes called the "startle" reflex. 7. Suck: stimulate the perioral or oral area and infant will turn head toward stimulation and start sucking behaviors. Normal Motor Development Weeks Chin up Chest up Sit alone momentarily Knee push/swim Stand with help Sit alone for about 1 minute Motor progress on stomach Scoot backward Stands holding onto furniture Walk when led Pull to stand Stand alone Walk alone 3 9-10 24 24 30 32 37 40 42 46 47 62 64 Genital Industry vs.

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