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Download British English a to Zed by Norman W. Schur, Richard Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich, Eugene PDF

By Norman W. Schur, Richard Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich

A conscientiously researched, wickedly witty, and eminently beneficial selection of over 5,000 Briticisms (and Americanisms).

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See note. i. diet To bant is to diet. Dr. W. Banting, who died in 1878, originated a treatment for overweight based on abstinence from sugar, starch, etc. His name became and remained the name of this dieting procedure. Very rare today. bap, n. bun Somewhat larger than the customary American hamburger bun. Originated in Scotland and the North Country; now common in other areas of the country. The roll is slightly sweet, large enough to be cut in strips for toasting, and usually dusted with flour after baking.

See bit of fluff. bit of rough, Inf. see comment Said—without implied criticism—of a man whose appearance or demeanor might be described as uncouth, ungentlemanly, or simply unshaven. She likes a bit of rough. bit of spare Slang. Used in expressions like he was always after a bit of spare. sex session bit of stuff. See bit of fluff. bitter, n. see comment Bitter is used as a noun to mean beer with a higher hops content, and therefore a somewhat bitter taste (as opposed to mild beer). See also pint.

Beach 25 bathing costume bathing suit Sometimes bathing dress or swimming costume. Bathing dress used to be confined to women’s outfits. All these terms are rather old-fashioned. In Britain today bathing suit and swimsuit are generally used and apply to either sex. Bath Oliver see comment A type of cookie or biscuit invented by Dr. W. Oliver (d. 1764) of the city of Bath. It is about an eighth of an inch thick, dry and sweetish, and usually eaten with cheese. See also biscuit; digestive biscuits.

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