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By Angus Konstam

The French innovative and Napoleonic Wars encompassed a interval whilst rival eu fleets vied for naval supremacy, and naval strategies have been evolving. The British Royal military emerged victorious because the major global sea energy, and the epitome of Britannic naval power was once the Ship-of-the-Line. those 'wooden partitions' have been greater than only floating gun batteries: they contained a group of as much as 800 males, and infrequently needed to stay at sea for prolonged sessions. This publication bargains targeted insurance of the complicated vessels that have been the most important man-made buildings produced within the pre-Industrial period.

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Drawing on many modern assets and eyewitness bills, this ebook examines the lives of the normal sailors of the Royal army in the course of the French innovative and Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815), detailing their attitudes, tasks, comforts, hardships, vices and virtues. the preferred snapshot of the British sailor of this time is of a press-ganged wretch residing off weevil-infested nutrients, stimulated purely by way of prize funds and dealing with consistent risks aboard a floating hell, the place self-discipline used to be maintained through the lash.

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Conflict of Surigao Strait КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Indiana college PressСерия: Twentieth-Century BattlesАвтор(ы): Anthony P. TullyЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2009Количество страниц: 352ISBN: 978-0-253-35242-2Формат: pdf (e-book)Размер: 4,35 mbSurigao Strait within the Philippine Islands used to be the scene of a huge battleship duel throughout the conflict of Leyte Gulf.

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The battle that followed was fiercely fought. The Carthaginians' superior speed allowed them to sail round the enemy's flank as well as to approach easily or to beat a rapid retreat. But for their part the Romans were equally confident of victory; as soon as the vessels came to close quarters the contest one of sheer strength, since ship the moment it became their "ravens" grappled every arrived within striking distance, and besides this they were fighting under the eyes of both their who were taking part in the battle in person.

Gylippus led out the troops from the city rather ANCIENT GREEKS before the rest, and brought at the part where it 31 them up to the Athenian wall city. Meanwhile the troops faced the from the Olympeium, which included the hoplites there, the cavalry, and the Syracusan light forces, moved up to the wall from the other side. Immediately after this the ships of the Syracusans and their allies sailed out to attack. The Athenians thought at first that the enemy was only going to attack by land, and when they saw the ships also suddenly bearing down on them, there was a certain amount of disturbance; some were taking up their positions on or in front of the walls; some had hurried out to meet the advancing forces, great numbers of cavalry and javelin-throwers, coming from the Olympeium and the country outside; others were manning the ships and also taking up position along the beach to support them, Once they were manned, they put out against the enemy with seventy-five ships.

These included the flagship, but Hannibal himself, by means of a daring action and a stroke of good luck, managed to escape in the ship's pinnace. The rest of the spirits fleet bore up as if to attack; but as they came saw what had happened to their leading vessels, and so sheered away and avoided contact with the "ravens". Instead they relied on their speed and circled round the enemy, hoping that they could safely ram them Carthaginian close, they 39 ANCIENT GREEKS on or from astern. But the Romans swung gangways round so as to meet an attack from any direction and then dropped the "ravens", so that any ship which came to close quarters found itself inescapably grappled.

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