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By Ben Albahari

Concise yet thorough, this moment version of C# necessities introduces the Microsoft C#programming language, together with the Microsoft .NET universal Language Runtime (CLR) and.NET Framework classification Libraries (FCL) that help it. This book's compact structure and tersepresentation of key recommendations function a roadmap to the net documentation integrated with the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK; the various examples supply much-needed context.

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The most common scenario for sealing a class is when that class comprises only static members, as is the case with the Math class of the FCL. Another effect of sealing a class is that it enables the compiler to seal all virtual method invocations made on that class into faster, nonvirtual method invocations. 6 Hiding Inherited Members Aside from its use for calling a constructor, the new keyword can also hide the data members, function members, and type members of a base class. Foo( ); // calls D's Foo } A method declaration with the same signature as its base class should explicitly state whether it overrides or hides the inherited member.

3 Using an Interface An interface is useful when you need multiple classes to share characteristics not present in a common base class. In addition, an interface is a good way to ensure that these classes provide their own implementation for the interface member, since interface members are implicitly abstract. 57 The following example assumes a form containing many GUI controls, including some TextBox and TreeView controls, in which the currently focused control is accessed with the ActiveControl property.

Unsafe? access-modifier? [ [[sealed | abstract]? override] | new? [virtual | abstract | static]? ]? type property-name { [ attributes? get statement-block | // read-only attributes? set statement-block | // write-only attributes? get statement-block // read-write attributes? set statement-block ] } abstract accessors don't specify an implementation, so they replace a get/set block with a semicolon. 1 earlier in this chapter. A property can be characterized as an object-oriented field. Properties promote encapsulation by allowing a class or struct to control access to its data and by hiding the internal representation of the data.

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