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Download C# Language Pocket Reference by Peter Drayton PDF

By Peter Drayton

The C# Language Pocket Reference deals the benefit of a brief reference in a structure that would really slot in your pocket. The publication encompasses a consultant to C# language parts, a quick assessment of the Framework classification library, a cross-reference for namespaces and assemblies, a listing of compiler syntax and switches, a standard expressions reference advisor, and extra.

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Methods, which is the representation in MSIL. 6 Methods All C# code executes in a method or in a special form of a method. Constructors, destructors, and operators are special types of methods, and properties and indexers are internally implemented with get and set 33 34 methods. 1 Signatures A method's signature is characterized by the type and modifier of each parameter in its parameter list. The parameter modifiers ref and out allow arguments to be passed by reference, rather than by value.

Similar to the way properties provide controlled access to fields, event accessors provide controlled access to an event. Consider the following field declaration: public event MoveEventHandler Move; Except for the underscore prefix added to the field (to avoid a name collision), this is semantically identical to this: private MoveEventHandler _Move; public event MoveEventHandler Move { add { _Move += value; } remove { _Move -= value; } } The ability to specify a custom implementation of add and remove handlers for an event allows a class to proxy an event generated by another class, thus acting as a relay for an event rather than the generator of that event.

3 The fixed Statement The fixed statement is required to pin a managed object, such as the bitmap in the previous example. During the execution of a program, many objects are allocated and deallocated from the heap. In order to avoid unnecessary waste or fragmentation of memory, the garbage collector moves objects around. Pointing to an object is futile if its address could change while referencing it, so the fixed statement tells the garbage collector to "pin" the object and not move it around.

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