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Download C# .NET Web Developer's Guide by Saurabh Nandu, Visit Amazon's Page, search PDF

By Saurabh Nandu, Visit Amazon's Page, search results, Learn about Author Central,, , Greg Hack, Adrian Turtschi, Jason Werry, Joseph Albahari, Visit Amazon's Wei Meng Lee Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Wei Me

  • "C# is the driving force within the new .NET Framework..." -- Dr. Dobb's Journal


, Page v

, Pages vi-viii
Technical Editor and Reviewer

, Page ix
Series Editor

, Page ix
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, Page ix

, Pages xxi-xxii, Saurabh Nandu
Chapter 1 - Introducing the Microsoft .NET Platform

, Pages 1-31
Chapter 2 - Introducing C# Programming

, Pages 33-108
Chapter three - visible Studio.NET IDE

, Pages 109-136
Chapter four - home windows Forms

, Pages 137-201
Chapter five - community Programming: utilizing TCP and UDP Protocols

, Pages 203-298
Chapter 6 - Remoting

, Pages 299-343
Chapter 7 - Message Queuing utilizing MSMQ

, Pages 345-382
Chapter eight - ADO.NET

, Pages 383-430
Chapter nine - operating with XML

, Pages 431-494
Chapter 10 - ASP.NET

, Pages 495-573
Chapter eleven - net Services

, Pages 575-668
Chapter 12 - development a Jokes internet Service

, Pages 669-779

, Pages 781-793

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_CorExeMain usesa Just In Time (JIT) compilerto compilethe IL codeto native code. Native code is execuled. NET Platform 9 Chapter 1 company or individual can create applications based on a recognized standard. On October 31, 2000, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Microsoft jointly submitted proposed draft standards to ECMA for use in defining the C # Programming Language (ECMA TC39/TG2) and the Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA TC39/TG3) standards. ch. Since submission, the original documents have been reviewed and edited by the participants of ECMA TC39/TG2 and TC39/TG3.

The R u n dialog box will appear. 1. You can set up structure you like, but for purposes of this example, we use a strucan abbreviated book title as the root directory, the chapter as a subthe program name as the lowest level directory: 35 36 Chapter 2 9 Introducing C# Programming 1. Type m d C # . N E T at the command prompt and press Enter. 2. Type cd C # . NET directory. 3. Type m d chap1 and press E n t e r to create a subdirectory called chap1. 4. Type cd chap1 and press E n t e r to navigate to the chap1 directory.

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