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Download C++ Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Bruce Sutherland PDF

By Bruce Sutherland

C++ Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach is a convenient code cookbook reference consultant that conceal the newest C++ 14 in addition to a number of the code templates to be had within the newest common Template Library (STL).

In this useful reference, you will find numbers, strings, dates, instances, periods, exceptions, streams, flows, tips and extra. additionally, you will see a number of code samples, templates for C++ algorithms, parallel processing, multithreading and numerical approaches. those have many functions together with online game improvement, gigantic info analytics, monetary engineering and research, firm purposes and extra. A wealth of STL templates on functionality gadgets, adapters, allocators, and extensions also are on hand.

This is a "must have", modern reference to your technical library.

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Example text

These literals can all be applied to an integer literal to inform the compiler that you would like to create a literal of a duration object with the given type of time. Applying s to a character literal such as "A String"s tells the compiler to create a literal of type std::string. These literals are defined in the std::literals namespace and are a C++14 only feature, meaning that they cannot be used in C++11 or C++98 code. Figure 2-7 shows the output generated when this program is run. Figure 2-7.

Endl; } const string& GetName() const { return m_Name; } int GetValue() const { return m_Value; } }; 53 Chapter 2 ■ Modern C++ using MyUniquePtr = unique_ptr; auto PassUniquePtr(MyUniquePtr ptr) { cout << "In Function Name: " << ptr->GetName() << endl; return ptr; } int main() { auto uniquePointer = make_unique("MyClass", 10); auto newUniquePointer = PassUniquePtr(move(uniquePointer)); if (uniquePointer) { cout << "First Object Name: " << uniquePointer->GetName() << endl; } cout << "Second Object Name: " << newUniquePointer->GetName() << endl; return 0; } The code in Listing 2-34 moves a unique_ptr instance into a function.

This means that you are free to cannibalize the object so that you can implement a copy operation faster than if the pre-existing state was needed to be preserved. Listing 2-30 shows how to add a move constructor to MyClass. Listing 2-30. m_Member = nullptr; } int GetValue() const { return *m_Member; } }; int MyClass::s_Counter{ 0 }; MyClass CopyMyClass(MyClass parameter) { return parameter; } int main() { auto object1 = MyClass(); { auto object2 = MyClass(); } auto object3 = MyClass(); auto object4 = CopyMyClass(object3); return 0; } 47 Chapter 2 ■ Modern C++ The code in Listing 2-30 adds a move constructor to MyClass.

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