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Read or Download California Math Triumphs VOL 6a Measurement (CALIFORNIA MATH TRIUMPHS VOL 6A) PDF

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5 cm = dm 41 546 m = km Lesson 1-4 Unit Conversions: Customary Capacity and Weight KEY Concept The customary system of measurement is not based on powers of ten. It is based on numbers like 12 and 16, which have many factors. 4 Express simple unit conversions in symbolic form. 4 Carry out simple unit conversions within a system of measurement. 1 Convert one unit of measurement to another. VOCABULARY customary system a measurement system that includes units such as foot, pound, and quart (Lesson 1-2, p.

Divide. 178 kilograms is approximately equal to pounds. GO ON Lesson 1-6 Analyze Units of Measure 39 A rate is a fraction that compares two different units of measure, such as 123 miles _________ . Unit rates have a denominator of 1, such as 41 miles per hour. 3 hours Example 2 Eva ran 5 kilometers in 15 minutes. If she continued running at the same speed, how far would she run in 1 hour? 1. Find the equivalent measurements. 60 minutes = 1 hour 2. Write a rate using the information given. 5 km n km _______ = _______ 15 min 60 min 4 to find the unit rate.

Problem-Solving Strategies Draw a diagram. Look for a pattern. Act it out. Solve a simpler problem. ✓ Work backward. Understand Read the problem. Write what you know. It took Elizabeth minutes to complete her history project. Plan Pick a strategy. One strategy is to work backward. minutes is equal to 1 hour. You know the total minutes. Subtract 60 minutes repeatedly until you get 0. Count the number of times you subtracted 60. 240 - 60 = - 60 = - 60 = - 60 = Solve Elizabeth took project. hours to complete her FOOD SERVICE It took Darcy 420 seconds to order, pay, and pick up her food at the drive-thru at Biggie Burger.

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