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Download Cardiac Reconstructions with Allograft Valves by Richard A. Hopkins M.D. (auth.) PDF

By Richard A. Hopkins M.D. (auth.)

A significant desire of all cardiologists and surgeons concerned with the appliance of allograft tissue to cardiac surgical reconstructions is met through this specified atlas. step-by-step, it conscientiously describes the approaches occupied with buying, sterilizing, and cryo-preserving allograft valves in addition to the surgical procedure utilized in left and correct ventricular outflow tract reconstructions. the entire info had to practice the reconstructions is given, together with correct references and appropriate diversifications in process. very good illustrations accompany the outline of surgical procedure. the entire thoughts are according to vintage techniques, yet assimilate the authors' adjustments arrived at via large adventure. The wealth of references, illustrations and services during this quantity make it a worthy asset for all cardiac surgeons.

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Leucine to measure protein synthesis in cultured fibroblasts. Connect Tissue Res 14:179-185, 1986. Stevens BR, Wright EM: Kinetics of the intestinal brush border proline (imino) carrier. J Bioi Chem 262:654EK>551, 1987. Dziewaitkowski DD: The role of sulfated proteinpolysaccharides in calcification. Clin Orthop Rei Res 35:189-201, 1964. 4-Allograft Valve Banking: Techniques and Technology PERRY L. LANGE and RICHARD A. HOPKINS The use of human allograft heart valves for replacement of congenitally defective or diseased heart valves has become clinically accepted in cardiothoracic surgery.

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Freezing programs presently in use by the Virginia Tissue Bank maintain a constant -l°C/minute decrease down to -40°C; however, it may be that a faster cooling rate at temperatures below -20°C will improve subsequent cell survival by restricting recrystallization. as well as sucrose and polyvinyl pyrolidine appear to confer considerable cryoprotection to a variety of biologic systems. 18 According to Mazur,19 cryoprotectants protect slowly frozen cells by one or more of the following mechanisms: suppression of salt concentrations; reduction of cell shrinkage at a given temperature; and reduction in the fraction of the solution frozen at a given temperature.

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