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Download Citing Sources. Learning to Use the Copyright Page by Suzy Rabbat PDF

By Suzy Rabbat

Actions supply suggestions and directions for utilizing and crediting copyrighted fabric.

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Sample text

We “relish” it, in Hume’s words. There is no quarrel over South Park’s funniness. M’kay. But since the aesthetic and the moral 6 The Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will is often pointed to as the premier example of an aesthetically brilliant film that is morally objectionable. 7 David Hume, “Of the Standard of Taste,” in Essays, Political and Literary (Indianapolis: Liberty Classics, 1987). See, especially, p. 246. qxd 31/10/2006 11:01 Page 23 Is It Okay to Laugh at South Park ? questions are independent of each other, that doesn’t necessarily make it okay to laugh at Hennifer’s love of burritos.

A philosophical position that proclaims an action moral or immoral must be grounded in good reasons and solid evidence, along with intuitions. Perhaps examining this question through the lens of utilitarianism – a very influential moral theory popularized by John Stuart Mill (1806–1873) – will help us to answer it. Utilitarians attempt to calculate the potential positive and negative consequences of acting in a situation. 1 So, from a utilitarian perspective, it may be that blasphemous humor is morally acceptable on grounds that it makes a lot of people happy; or, it may be immoral on grounds that it causes a lot of shock, anger, and displeasure.

If it’s correct that we can imagine hypothetical scenarios without endorsing them, then the moral saint could be saintly and still enjoy South Park’s humor. Imagining doesn’t necessarily have to do with what a person actually believes, thinks, wants, endorses, or even secretly wishes. In fact, a person might even be considered a defective moral saint if she didn’t have a good imagination. Creative ability is probably a good quality for a saint to have – if not in its own right, then at least to the extent that it plays a role in empathy and understanding.

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