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By Olena Nikolayenko

The political outlook of children within the international locations of the previous Soviet Union is essential to their nations’ destiny political improvement. This is particularly appropriate now because the first iteration with no firsthand event of communism at the start hand is imminent maturity. according to wide unique examine and together with new survey learn among adolescents, this ebook examines younger people’s political outlook in international locations of the previous Soviet Union; it compares and contrasts Russia, the place authoritarianism has all started to reassert itself, and Ukraine, which skilled a democratic step forward within the aftermath of the Orange Revolution. The booklet examines questions equivalent to: How supportive is that this new iteration of the recent political order? What photos of the Soviet Union succeed within the minds of children? How a lot belief does early life position in present political and public associations? Addressing those questions is essential to figuring out the level to which the present regimes can continue to exist at the wave of public help. The ebook argues that Russian young people are inclined to position extra belief within the incumbent president and harbour extra regrets concerning the disintegration of the Soviet Union than their friends in Ukraine; it demonstrates that teens mistrust political events and politicians, and that patriotic schooling shapes social and political values.

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Introduction 15 The demographic characteristics of survey respondents nonetheless closely correspond to the characteristics of the country's population. 5 percent. 8 percent in the Russian population aged between 15 and 19. The ethnic composition of the sample also adequately represents the population at large. In the survey, the measurement of the sample's ethnic composition is tailored to the national context. In Russia, students were prompted to identify their membership in an ethnic group. Given the frequency of mixed marriages, however, the Ukraine students were asked to report their parents' ethnicity (separately for mother and father).

14 year old, Tula, Russia) Democracy is when decisions are made not by a single person, but by the people as a whole (nation). onnect democracy to the provision of individual liberties. Arguably, this conception of the political regime is crucial for genuine democracy to take root in the post-communist states because it suggests some understanding of democratic processes. s a popular point of reference. A few respondents expressed awareness of the dangers associated with atticulating an opinion in a politically hostile environment: When people can say whatever is on their mind, and nobody will stop them from doing it, and nobody will do anything to them afterwards.

Instead, the results suggest that international travel breeds ambivalence toward the democratic ideal among Russian adolescents. The regression coefficient for international travel is negative and statistically significant, signifying that those students who have traveled abroad are more categorical in their opinions about the suitability of democracy than those who have never left the country. As the number of Russian students with international experience grows, school trips to London or a romantic rendezvous in Paris might undermine the credibility of the official political discourse regarding the attractiveness of sovereign democracy.

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