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Download Coastal Sedimentary Environments by Richard A. Davis (auth.), Richard A. Davis Jr. (eds.) PDF

By Richard A. Davis (auth.), Richard A. Davis Jr. (eds.)

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D. Wright coupled system wherein inertia and friction terms are largely responsible for the resulting process and form characteristics. This type of homopycnal outflow situation is not restricted to the mouths of streams entering freshwater lakes but is also common in nonstratified tidal inlets and at outlets where mixing by tides and other marine forces has broken down density contrasts. In nature the theory of plane turbulent jets alone does not adequately explain the expansion and deceleration of effluents in contact with a shallow bottom.

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The Prodelta The prodelta is the most ubiquitous of the deltaic environments and the one that varies least among different delta systems. It directly overlies the sediments of the inner shelf environment and is the basal unit of the most commonly occurring deltaic sequences. The prodelta is characteristically a blanket of clays deposited from suspension having high lateral continuity and low lithologic variation. In most instances the prodelta deposits exceed 6 m in vertical thickness; in the Mississippi Delta the prodelta ranges from 20 to 50 m thick and extends seaward to water depths of 70 m.

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