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By Johnson Institute Staff

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We want them to grow up to be responsible family members and upstanding citizens. We want them to learn how to make healthy choices that ensure their well-being at every stage of their lives. And we can. IF we're willing to start EMPOWERING them. The most important way we empower our kids is by communicating effectively with them. Why? Because kids who can communicate with their parents feel understood and loved. When we know how to really talk and listen to our kids, they learn how to talk and listen to others.

2. Do you ever nod your head or mutter "uh huh," without really hearing what your child has said? 3. Do you ever "pass the buck" and send your child to talk to your spouse instead of making yourself available? 4. Do you ever tell your child to not bother you because you're too busy to listen? 5. Do you ever put your child off because you're unwilling or too distracted to listen? 6. Do you ever avoid talking to your child about his or her behavior because you feel threatened or uncomfortable? 7.

Describe the behavior. 2. Express your honest reaction. Here are examples of how to use these steps to encourage kids: We might say, "Ron, you should be so proud of the hard work you've put into that history paper. " Or, "Jenny, it was very thoughtful of you to help your grandmother out of the car. " And let's not forget the most effective communication of allopenly, honestly expressing our love for our kids.

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