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Download Computed Tomography of Congenital Brain Malformations by Mohammed Sarwar PDF

By Mohammed Sarwar

Computed Tomography of Congenital mind Malformations

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In very mild forms, the face may be normal or so subtly abnormal that the disorder escapes clinical recognition. There is less correlation between face and brain malformations at the mild to normal end of the spectrum. An occasional patient may have hypertelorism rather than hypotelorism. * A good rule is to search for holoprosencephaly complex in a patient with hypotelorism and midline facial anomaly. This type of malformation is extremely uncommon in a patient with hypertelorism and midline facial defect; if a brain anomaly does exist in the latter situation, it usually consists of dysgenesis of the corpus callosum.

She had skull base teratoma removed at age 9 months. A) non-contrast and B) contrast CT. There is still residual/recurrent partly calcified tumor (open arrows). The patient also has dysgenesis of the corpus callosum. The lateral ventricles are slit-like and markedly separated (closed arrows). The dilated third ventricle (3) has a bizarre shape and extends considerably higher to interpose between the lateral ventricles. The interventricular foramina are markedly separated. The internal cerebral veins (arrowheads) are abnormally separated.

P 285-297, 1977. 4. Loeser JD, Alvord Jr, EC: Agenesis of the corpus callosum. 1968. 5. Loeser JD, Alvord Jr, EC: Clinicopathological correlations in agenesis of the corpus callosum. Neurology 18:745-756, 1968. 6. Lemire RJ, Loeser JD, Leech RW, Alvord Jr, EC: Nonnal and Abnonnal Development of the Human Nervous System. Harper and Rowe, Hagerstown, Maryland PP265-272, 1975. 7. Probst FP: Congenital defects of the corpus callosum. Acta Radiologica, Supplement 331,1973. 8. Rakic P, Yakovlev PI: Development of the corpus callosum and cavum septi in man.

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