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By Zelikin M.I.

This publication is dedicated to geometric tools within the thought of differential equations with quadratic right-hand facets (Riccati-type equations), that are heavily regarding the calculus of diversifications and optimum keep watch over concept. Connections of the calculus of diversifications and the Riccati equation with the geometry of Lagrange-Grassmann manifolds and classical Cartan-Siegel homogeneity domain names in an area of a number of complicated variables are thought of. The publication is addressed to undergraduate and graduate scholars, clinical researchers and all experts drawn to the issues of geometry, the calculus of diversifications, and differential equations.

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This resembles the wagon-circling move of Hollywood moguls who, to get legitimacy where none was forthcoming, founded the Academy of Motion Pictures and began showering themselves with Oscars. Euphemisms aside, dualism is neither an epistemologically sound nor a broadly supported framework to evaluate the institutional status of the humanities and the sciences. Its philippics for equal epistemic rights continue to be judged in terms of the dominant mode of inquiry, which, as the bottom line bears out, is anything but conciliatory.

This is all the more so since, speaking of knowledge and truth in the arts, scholars do not speak in any special way distinct from the sciences. As E. D. Hirsh painstakingly documented in The Aims of Interpretation, then in “Value and Knowledge in the Humanities,” despite the vaunted dissimilarities between humanistic and scientific inquiry, the cognitive elements in both are exactly the same in character. What is the nature of the reading process, after all? We try to formulate true hypotheses about the hypothetical storyworld and formulate more or less precise descriptions of how it feels to experience it.

The assault on literary studies as a domain of interdisciplinary research, tasked with conforming to the basic principles of rationality and consilience, is thus often a preamble to even more radical theses. These radical theses range from more or less sophisticated relativism to outright epistemic anarchy. They champion the abolition of scientific episte¯ me by the deconstructing pantextuality of institutional, socio-political, economic, racial, sexual, and gender discourses. The socio-cultural contingency of the latter is said to preclude once and for all a recourse to classical logic and the application of even the most fundamental modi Literature and knowledge 21 operandi of science.

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