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By David Bell

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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1992. 59 P. Prusinkiewicz, M. James, and R. Mech. Synthetic topiary. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '94 Orlando, Florida, July 24 29, 1994, pages 351 358, ACM SIGGRAPH, New York, 1994. 60 P. Prusinkiewicz and L. Kari. Sub-apical L-systems. Technical Report 95 552 4, University of Calgary, March 1995. 61 P. Prusinkiewicz and A. Lindenmayer. The algorithmic beauty of plants. SpringerVerlag, New York, 1990. With J. S. Hanan, F. D. Fracchia, D. R. Fowler, M. J. M. de Boer, and L.

e, Oldeman, and Tomlinson introduced the term architectural model to denote a program that determines successive stages of the development of a tree 23 . Compare this notion with the developmental models of plants expressed using L-systems. 2. Room, Maillette and Hanan classi ed di erent types of construction units that can be used to describe the modular growth of plants 64 . Analyze the relationship between these units and the notion of a module in L-systems. 3. Plant morphogenesis has been studied from di erent perspectives and at various levels of abstraction.

And three productions p1 , p2 , and p3 . 6, respectively. The context-sensitive production p3 replaces a module B y  with left context Ax and right context Az  by module B x + z  supporting branch Ay . The application of this production is guarded by condition y 4. Consequently, the first derivation step may have the form: A(1)B(3)A(5) A(2)B(6)[A(3)]B(4)  It was assumed that, as a result of random choice, production p1 was applied to the module A1, and production p2 to the module A5.

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