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By W. Stuart Harris

This easy-to-use reference paintings records the various long-vanished cities, forts, settlements, and previous country capitals that have been as soon as thriving groups of Alabama. useless cities of Alabama isn't only a sequence of obituaries for useless cities. as a substitute, it brings again to lifestyles eighty three Indian cities, seventy seven castle websites, and 112 colonial, territorial, and nation cities. W. Stuart Harris evokes a wealth of interesting pictures from Alabama's wealthy and colourful past--images of lifestyles because the Indians lived it, of colonial lifestyles within the barren region, of Spanish explorers and French exiles, of chance and romance, of riverboats and railroads, of plantations and gold mines, of stagecoaches and ferries. total, it provides a completely soaking up landscape of Alabama's early history.Here we know about former capitals--St. Stephens and Cahaba--that have deteriorated to mouldering ruins now. We know about as soon as thriving communities--county seats, river landings and crossings, buying and selling posts, junctions, and different settlements--that time has forgotten. Absent from such a lot maps, those websites come alive back in Harris's interesting account, crammed anew with the bustling job in their former inhabitants.First released in 1977, lifeless cities of Alabama is a distinct guidebook to each area of the kingdom. it's a useful source for historians, scholars, travelers, and a person attracted to exploring Alabama's fascinating historic and cultural prior.  

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