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Download Delmar's Agriscience Dictionary with Searchable CD-ROM by Ray V Herren PDF

By Ray V Herren

Delmar's Agriscience Dictionary with Searchable CD-ROM is the appropriate resource to maintain abreast of terminology in an ever-changing undefined! a distinct characteristic is the searchable CD-ROM which incorporates a similar phrases and definitions because the print dictionary

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2) In embryology, a part of the thin membrane or web surrounding the fetus. Causal Organism (Causative Agent)–The organism (pathogen) that produces a specific disease. Cauterize–To burn the flesh or skin of an animal with a drug or heated metal to induce healing. Cavesson–Head stall with a noseband (often quite large) used for exercising and training horses. , the buccal cavity. (2) Any hole in the trunk or branches of a tree. Cavy–(1) An American Indian pony. (2) One or a group of stray animals (United States).

Cappings–Beeswax covering of cells of honey, which are removed before extracting the honey. , which gives a characteristic buttery flavor to cheese. Occurs more in goat’s than in cow’s milk. Also called caprinic acid, decanoic acid. Capsule–(1) A fruit (dry at maturity) of more than one carpel but not necessarily of more than one locule, which dehisces at maturity, permitting the escape of the enclosed seeds. Typical capsules are found in the iris, lily, poppy, cotton. (2) Gelatine covering for medicines.

Catgut–The tough string manufactured from the intestines of sheep and other animals, used in surgical sutures, musical instruments, etc. Cathartics–Drugs that cause the evacuation of the bowels. , removal of urine form the bladder or insertion of semen into the cervix in artificial insemination. Cattalo–A cross between the bison (buffalo) and domestic cattle. Cattle–(1) Collectively, mature bovine animals. Calves and yearlings may sometimes be included. In a broad sense, the term may also include all domesticated quadrupeds.

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