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Download Elsevier's Dictionary of Reptiles [Latin,English, German, by Murray Wrobel PDF

By Murray Wrobel

This dictionary lists the English, German, French and Italian names of amphibians taking place in Europe, North the US, Canada, critical and Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and the islands of the West Indies. It lists 5,367 medical names of orders, households, genera, species and subspecies. The correct order and relations are proven for every time period. The taxonomy is that utilized by the various authors of the assets.

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Elsevier's Dictionary of Reptiles [Latin,English, German, French, Italian]

This dictionary lists the English, German, French and Italian names of amphibians taking place in Europe, North the USA, Canada, imperative and Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and the islands of the West Indies. It lists 5,367 medical names of orders, households, genera, species and subspecies.

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19 Amapasaurus tetradactylus 261 e 262 e 263 e d Alsophis ater Squamata - Colubridae Jamaica Racer; Jamaican Racer (WI) Alsophis biserialis Squamata - Colubridae Galapagos Racer Alsophis cantherigerus Squamata - Colubridae Cuban Racer; Cuban Ground Snake Kuba-Schlanknatter 271 e d 272 e d 273 e 264 e 265 e 266 e Alsophis melanichinus Squamata - Colubridae La Vega Racer; Hispaniolan Green Racer Alsophis occidentalis Squamata - Colubridae Western Racer Alsophis portoricensis Squamata - Colubridae Puerto Rican Racer; Ground Snake 274 e d f i 275 e 267 e 268 e 269 e 270 e d Alsophis rijersmai Squamata - Colubridae Anguilla Racer; Anguilla Bank Racer (WI) Alsophis rufiventris Squamata - Colubridae Saba Racer; West Indian Racer; Orange-bellied Racer (WI) Alsophis sanctaecrucis Squamata - Colubridae St.

Croix Anole (NA) 32 e 516 506 e 507 e 508 e 509 e Anolis aeneus Squamata – Iguanaidae Bronze Anole; Grenada Bush Anole (WI) Anolis aequatorialis Squamata - Iguanaidae Equatorial Anole Anolis agassizi Squamata - Iguanaidae Agassiz's Anole Anolis agueroi Squamata - Iguanaidae Cabo Cruz Bearded Anole e 517 e 518 e 519 e 520 510 e 511 e 512 e Anolis ahli Squamata - Iguanaidae Ahl's Anole; Escambray Blue-eyed Anole Anolis alayoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Guantanamo Twig Anole Anolis albi Squamata - Iguanaidae Light Anole e 521 e 522 e 523 513 e Anolis albimaculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae White-spotted Anole e 524 514 e 515 Anolis alfaroi Squamata - Iguanaidae Small-fanned Bush Anole Anolis aliniger e 525 Squamata - Iguanaidae La Vega Anole; Hispaniolan Orangearmpit Anole Anolis allisoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Allison's Anole; Cuban Blue Anole Anolis allogus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bueycito Anole; Spanish Flag Anole Anolis altae Squamata - Iguanaidae High Anole Anolis altavelensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Noble's Anole; Alto Velo Gracile Anole Anolis altivelensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Hassler's Anole Anolis alumina Squamata - Iguanaidae Shiny Anole; Barahona Grass Anole Anolis alutaceus Squamata - Iguanaidae Monte Verde Anole; Blue-eyed Twig Anole Anolis andianus Squamata - Iguanaidae Andes Anole Anolis anfiloquioi Squamata - Iguanaidae Anfiloqui Anole; Brown-eyed Bush Anole Anolis angusticeps Squamata - Iguanaidae 33 Anolis bateatus e 526 e Cienfuegos Anole; Cuban Twig Anole (WI) Anolis anisolepis Squamata - Iguanaidae Chiappas Ornate Anole 536 e d 537 527 e Anolis annectens Squamata - Iguanaidae Annexe Anole e 538 528 e 529 e 530 e 531 e 532 e 533 e 534 e 535 e Anolis antioquiae Squamata - Iguanaidae Antioquia Anole Anolis antonii Squamata - Iguanaidae Anton's Anole Anolis apollinaris Squamata - Iguanaidae Boulenger's Anole Anolis aquaticus Squamata - Iguanaidae Water Anole Anolis aregenteolus Squamata - Iguanaidae Guantanamo Anole; Cuban Trunk Anole Anolis argillaceus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bay Anole; Cuban Dark-bark Anole Anolis armouri Squamata - Iguanaidae Armoured Anole; Black-throated Stout Anole Anolis attenuatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Slender Anole e 539 e 540 e 541 e 542 e 543 e 544 e d 545 Anolis auratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Grass Anole Grasanolis; Kolumbianischer Baumleguan Anolis baccatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bocourt's Anole Anolis bahorucaensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Baoruca Anole; Baoruco Longsnouted Anole Anolis baleatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Puerto Plata Anole; Dominica Giant Anole Anolis baracoae Squamata - Iguanaidae Baracoa Anole; Baracoa Giant Anole Anolis barahonae Squamata - Iguanaidae Barahona Anole; Barahona Giant Anole Anolis barbatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Western Bearded Anole Anolis barkeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Barker's Anole Anolis bartschi Squamata - Iguanaidae West Cuban Anole; Pinar del Rio Cliff Anole Höhlenanolis Anolis bateatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Anolis bimaculatus e 546 e 547 e 548 e d 549 e 550 e 551 e 552 e River Anole Anolis bimaculatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Panther Anole; Statia Bank Tree Anole (WI) Anolis binotatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Two-marked Anole Anolis biporcatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Neotropical Green Anole; Central American Green Anole Großer Honduras-Anolis Anolis birama Squamata - Iguanaidae Branch Anole; Cuban Big-eared Anole Anolis biscutiger Squamata - Iguanaidae Twinshield Anole Anolis bitectus Squamata - Iguanaidae Roof Anole Anolis blanquillanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Hummelinck's Anole 34 e 556 e 557 e 558 e 559 e 560 e 561 e 562 e 563 553 e Anolis boettgeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Boettger's Anole e 564 554 e Anolis bombiceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Surprise Anole; Blue-lipped Anole e 565 555 Anolis bonairensis Squamata - Iguanaidae e Ruthven's Anole Anolis bourgeoei Squamata - Iguanaidae Bourgeoe's Anole Anolis bransfordii Squamata - Iguanaidae Bransford's Anole Anolis breedlovei Squamata - Iguanaidae Breedlove's Anole Anolis bremeri Squamata - Iguanaidae Herradura Anole; Cuban Variegated Anole Anolis brevirostris Squamata - Iguanaidae Shortnose Anole; Gracile Desert Anole Anolis bruneti Squamata - Iguanaidae Brunet's Anole Anolis brunneus Squamata - Iguanaidae Crooked Island Anole; CrookedAcklins Green Anole (WI) Anolis calimae Squamata - Iguanaidae Ayala's Anole Anolis capito Squamata - Iguanaidae Bighead Anole; Big-headed Anole Anolis caquetae Squamata - Iguanaidae Caqueta Anole 35 Anolis compressicauda 566 e d f 567 e 568 e 569 e 570 e 571 e 572 e 573 e 574 e Anolis carolinensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Green Anole; Alligator Lizard (NA); Fence Lizard (NA); Green Lizard (NA); Common Green Anole; Carolina Anole (WI); American Chameleon; American Anole Rotkehlanolis; Amerikanisches Chamäleon Anolis vert; Anolis de la Caroline Anolis carolinensis carolinensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Northern Green Anole; Green Lizard; Carolina Anole; Green Anole Anolis carolinensis seminolus Squamata - Iguanaidae Southern Green Anole d f 575 e 576 e 577 e d f Anolis carpenteri Squamata - Iguanaidae Carpenter Anole; Carpenter's Anole 578 Anolis casildae Squamata - Iguanaidae Casilda's Anole; Giant Anole 579 Anolis caudalis Squamata - Iguanaidae Cochran's Gianthead Anole; Gonave Gracile Anole 580 Anolis centralis Squamata - Iguanaidae Central Anole; Central Pallid Anole 581 Anolis chloris Squamata - Iguanaidae Boulenger's Green Anole; Green Anole 582 Anolis chlorocyanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Hispaniola Green Anole; Northern Green Anole ; Blue-green Anole 583 e e e e e e Haiti-Anole; Laubanole Anolis vert-bleu Anolis chocorum Squamata - Iguanaidae Chocolate Anole; Choco Green Anole Anolis christophei Squamata - Iguanaidae King Christophe Anole; Big-fanned Trunk Anole Anolis chrysolepis Squamata - Iguanaidae Goldenscale Anole Goldstreifenanolis Anolis chrysolépide Anolis chrysolepis scypheus Squamata - Iguanaidae Yellow-tongued Anole Anolis chrysolepis tandae Squamata - Iguanaidae Blue-throated Anole Anolis clivicola Squamata - Iguanaidae Mountain Anole; Turquino Fern Anole Anolis cobanensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Stuart's Anole Anolis coelestinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Jeremie Anole; Southern Green Anole Anolis compressicauda Squamata - Iguanaidae Malposo Scaly Anole Anolis concolor 584 e 585 e 586 e 587 e 588 e 589 e d f 590 e 591 e 592 e 593 e 36 Anolis concolor Squamata - Iguanaidae Isla San Andres Anole 594 Anolis confusus Squamata - Iguanaidae Cabo Cruz Trunk Anole 595 Anolis conspersus Squamata - Iguanaidae Grand Cayman Anole; Caymans Blue-fanned Anole (WI) 596 Anolis cooki Squamata - Iguanaidae Cook's Anole; Dryland Anole ; Guanica Pallid Anole Anolis crassulus Squamata - Iguanaidae Ornate Anole Anolis cristatellus Squamata - Iguanaidae Crested Anole; Man Lizard ; Puerto Rican Crested Anole Kammanolis Petit anolis à crête Anolis cristatellus cristatellus Squamata - Iguanaidae Puerto Rican Crested Anole Anolis cristifer Squamata - Iguanaidae Cristifer Anole Anolis cumingi Squamata - Iguanaidae Balsas Anole Anolis cupeyalensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Cupeyal Anole; Stripe-bellied Grass Anole e e e 597 e d 598 e 599 e d f 600 e 601 e 602 e 603 e Anolis cupreus Squamata - Iguanaidae Copper Anole; Dry Forest Anole Anolis cuprinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Chiapas Anole Anolis curtus Squamata - Iguanaidae Short Anole Anolis cuvieri Squamata - Iguanaidae Cuvier's Anole; Puerto Rican Giant Anole Riesenanolis Anolis cyanopleurus Squamata - Iguanaidae Yateras Anole; Green Fern Anole Anolis cybotes Squamata - Iguanaidae Largehead Anole; Large-headed Anole; Hispaniolan Stout Anole Dickkopfanolis Anolis à grosse tête Anolis cybotes cybotes Squamata - Iguanaidae Common Large-headed Anole Anolis cymbops Squamata - Iguanaidae Cope's Veracruz Anole Anolis damulus Squamata - Iguanaidae Cope's Smooth Anole Anolis darlingtoni Squamata - Iguanaidae Darlington's Anole; 37 Anolis evermanni La Hotte Twig Anole 604 e 605 e 606 e 607 e 608 e 609 e d f 610 e Anolis delafuente Squamata - Iguanaidae Guamuhaya Anole; Sierra de Trinidad Crested Anole e 614 e Anolis deltae Squamata - Iguanaidae Delta Anole 615 Anolis desechensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Heatwole's Anole; Desecheo Anole 616 e e Anolis dissimilis Squamata - Iguanaidae Odd Anole d f i Anolis distichoides Squamata - Iguanaidae Rosen's Anole 617 Anolis distichus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bark Anole; Yellow-throated Anole; Bahaman Bark Anole; Hispaniolan Gracile Anole (WI) Zaunanolis; Rindenanolis Anolis écorce 618 Anolis distichus dominicensis Squamata - Iguanaidae Green Bark Anole e e 619 e 620 e 611 e Anolis distichus floridanus Squamata - Iguanaidae Florida Bark Anole 621 e 612 e Anolis dolfusianus Squamata - Iguanaidae Coffee Anole 622 e 613 Anolis dolichocephalus Squamata - Iguanaidae Place Negre Anole; La Hotte Longsnouted Anole Anolis duellmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Duellman's Pygmy Anole Anolis dunni Squamata - Iguanaidae Dunn's Anole Anolis equestris Squamata - Iguanaidae Knight Anole; Giant Chameleon; Cuban Giant Anole Ritteranolis Anolis chevalier; Anolis à écharpe Anolide di Cuba Anolis equestris equestris Squamata - Iguanaidae Western Knight Anole Anolis ernestwilliamsi Squamata - Iguanaidae Ernest's Anole; Carrot Rock Anole Anolis etheridgei Squamata - Iguanaidae Etheridge's Anole; Montane Bush Anole Anolis eugenegrahami Squamata - Iguanaidae Eugene's Anole; Black Stream Anole Anolis eulaemus Squamata - Iguanaidae Good Anole Anolis evermanni Squamata - Iguanaidae Eversmann's Anole; Emerald Anole ; Puerto Rican Emerald Anole Anolis extrema 623 e Anolis extrema Squamata - Iguanaidae Extreme Anole 38 e 634 624 e Anolis fasciata Squamata - Iguanaidae Banded Anole; Barbados Anole (WI) e 635 625 e d 626 e 627 e 628 e 629 e 630 e 631 e 632 e 633 Anolis ferreus Squamata - Iguanaidae Morne Constant Anole; MarieGalante Anole (WI) Großer Kammanolis Anolis festae Squamata - Iguanaidae Veronica's Anole Anolis fitchi Squamata - Iguanaidae Fitch's Anole Anolis forbesi Squamata - Iguanaidae Forbes's Anole Anolis foresti Squamata - Iguanaidae Forest Anole Anolis fowleri Squamata - Iguanaidae Fowler's Anole; Green-banded Anole Anolis fraseri Squamata - Iguanaidae Fraser's Anole Anolis frenatus Squamata - Iguanaidae Bridled Anole Anolis fugitivus Squamata - Iguanaidae e f 636 e 637 e 638 e d 639 e 640 e 641 e 642 e Moa Anole; Green-headed Grass Anole Anolis fungosus Squamata - Iguanaidae Myers's Anole Anolis fuscoauratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Brown-eared Anole Anolis brun doré Anolis fuscoauratus fuscoauratus Squamata - Iguanaidae Slender Anole Anolis gadovii Squamata - Iguanaidae Gadow's Anole Anolis garmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Jamaica Giant Anole; Jamaican Giant Anole; Jamaican Anole Grüner Jamaika-Saumfinger; Jamaika-Anolis Anolis garridoi Squamata - Iguanaidae Escambray Twig Anole Anolis gemnosus Squamata - Iguanaidae O'Shaughnessy's Anole Anolis gibbiceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Hook Anole Anolis gingivinus Squamata - Iguanaidae Anguilla Anole; Anguilla Bank Anole (WI) 39 Anolis insignis 643 e 644 e 645 e 646 e 647 e Anolis godmani Squamata - Iguanaidae Godman's Anole Anolis graciliceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Charm Anole Anolis grahami Squamata - Iguanaidae Graham's Anole; Jamaican Turquoise Anole (WI) Anolis granuliceps Squamata - Iguanaidae Granular Anole Anolis grayi Squamata - Iguanaidae Gray's Anole e 654 e 655 e 656 e 657 e 658 648 e 649 e 650 e 651 e 652 e 653 Anolis grisea Squamata - Iguanaidae Grey Anole; St.

Christopher Ameiva; Orangethroated Ameiva (WI) Ameiva exsul Squamata - Teiidae Puerto Rican Ameiva; Common Ground Lizard ; Common Puerto Rican Ameiva; Puerto Rican Giant Ameiva (W) Ameiva festiva Squamata - Teiidae Middle American Ameiva; Central American Ameiva; Central American Whiptail Lizard Ameiva fuscata Squamata - Teiidae Dominican Ameiva; Dominica Ameiva (WI) Ameiva griswoldi Squamata - Teiidae Griswold's Ameiva; Antigua Bank Ameiva (WI) Ameiva leberi Squamata - Teiidae Hispaniola Ameiva Ameiva leptophrys Squamata - Teiidae Ameiva lineolata e 316 e d f Delicate Ameiva Ameiva lineolata Squamata - Teiidae Dwarf Teiid; Pygmy Blue-tailed Ameiva Zwergameive Améive linéolée; Améiva linéolée 22 325 e 326 e d 317 e Ameiva major Squamata - Teiidae Martinique Ameiva 327 e 318 e 319 e 320 e 321 e 322 e Ameiva maynardi Squamata - Teiidae Great Inagua Ameiva; Bahamian Ameiva (WI) Ameiva nicefori Squamata - Teiidae Dunn's Ameiva Ameiva orcesi Squamata - Teiidae Peters's Ameiva Ameiva pleei Squamata - Teiidae Caribbean Ameiva; Anguilla Bank Ameiva (WI) Ameiva pluvianotata Squamata - Teiidae St.

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