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By Moore J.

The obtrusive challenge to me lies in Moore's unequal program of his personal definition of racism:

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Encyclopedia of Race And Racism S-Z

The obtrusive challenge to me lies in Moore's unequal program of his personal definition of racism:

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36 Sickle cell anemia is also in some sense a dietary deficiency disease, at least in the United States. Its effects are mitigated to a significant degree by diets rich in cyanate and thiocyanate, which are typically found in tropical foods such as yams, manioc (cassava), sorghum, and some millets that are rarely eaten in the United States. Symptoms are often worse in the United States than in areas where these foods are more often consumed. The sickle cell trait has been found to be more common in areas of Africa where these foods are eaten, presumably because they reduce the severity of the symptoms, thus changing the balance of selective pressures.

Despite his unqualified vindication, Sheppard was nonetheless forced to retire by a mission board that was increasingly uncomfortable with the work of its African American missionaries. Between 1908 and 1910, the three senior male missionaries—Sheppard, Hawkins, and Joseph Phipps, all of whom were black—faced charges of adul- 34 tery, which forced their retirements. Whereas eleven blacks were appointed to the APCM during its first twenty years, the Presbyterian Church appointed only one black person during the next fifty years (and in her case only because she married a recently widowed active missionary).

He helped create the Tennessee Real Estate and Homestead Association, which later became the Edgefield Real Estate and Homestead Association. This association vainly sought local land inexpensive enough for blacks to purchase. This effort failed, and Singleton soon began to believe that blacks should settle in new communities separated from whites, and thereby avoid white violence, oppression, and economic competition. He felt that life for southern blacks would begin to improve but, that in the short term, leaving was the best option.

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