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Download The Associated Press Stylebook (40th Edition) by Associated Press, Norm Goldstein PDF

By Associated Press, Norm Goldstein

The spiral-bound type booklet or guide is an important instruction manual for all writers, editors, scholars and public family members specialists.

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The Associated Press Stylebook (40th Edition)

The spiral-bound kind booklet or handbook is a vital instruction manual for all writers, editors, scholars and public family members specialists.

CGArena Aug - Sep 2010 Issue

Animation; ezine; journal; tutorials; making; loose magazine

Directions in Safety-Critical Systems: Proceedings of the First Safety-critical Systems Symposium The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol 9–11 February 1993

Zero e this is often the court cases of the 1st annual symposium of the Safety-critical platforms membership (The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, 9/11 February 1993), which supplied a discussion board for exploring and discussing methods of attaining protection in computers for use in safety-critical commercial functions.

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Blog Internet jargon; if used, explain that it means Web log or Web journal. blond, blonde Use blond as a noun for males and as an adjective for all applications: She has blond hair. Use blonde as a noun for females. bloodbath One word, an exception to Webster’s. bloodhound Bloody Mary A drink made of vodka and tomato juice. The name is derived from the nickname for Mary I of England. ) blue chip stock Stock in a company known for its long-established record of making money and paying dividends.

See time zones. at large Usually two words for an individual representing more than a single district: congressman at large, councilman at large. But it is ambassador-at-large for an ambassador assigned to no particular country. ATM Acceptable in first refer- 3/5/05 8:47:35 AM 23 ence for automated teller machine. It should be spelled out somewhere in the story. Do not use the redundant ATM machine. author A noun used for both men and women. Do not use it as a verb. Atomic Age It began Dec. 2, 1942, at the University of Chicago with the creation of the first selfsustaining nuclear chain reaction.

To censor is to prohibit or restrict the use of something. To censure is to condemn. S. Public Health Service’s national agencies for control of infectious and other preventable diseases. indd 42 health departments to provide specialized services that they are unable to maintain on an everyday basis. The normal form for first reference is the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC is acceptable on second reference and takes a singular verb. gov centi- A prefix denoting onehundredth of a unit.

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