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Download The Georgetown Guide to Arabic-English Translation by Mustafa Mughazy PDF

By Mustafa Mughazy

"Translation is sort of a reverse-engineering process―whereby, say, we'd take aside a clock made up of steel components to be able to construct a functioning copy made solely of plastic. Our ultimate product won't glance almost like the unique clock, and it might be most unlikely to easily replica the designs of its internal workings, simply because plastic and metals have very various houses. for instance, we can't make small plastic springs or very skinny gears of plastic. yet those adjustments don't subject; the one factor that concerns is that our reproduction will inform the time correctly."
―From the Introduction

The Georgetown advisor to Arabic-English Translation is an important step by step, functional guide for complex novices of Arabic attracted to tips on how to study and effectively translate nonfiction Arabic texts starting from company correspondence to textbooks.

Mustafa Mughazy, a revered Arabic linguist, offers an leading edge, practical technique that de-emphasizes word-for-word translation. in keeping with the Optimality concept, it favors ultimate devoted to the communicative functionality of the resource fabric, no matter if this suggests including explanatory textual content, reconfiguring sentences, paraphrasing expressions, or omitting phrases.

From find out how to choose a textual content for translation or preserve demanding or idiom, to the way to determine translation patterns, The Georgetown advisor to Arabic-English Translation comes in handy either as a textbook and a reference. a useful set of appendices deals shortcuts to translate rather tricky language like abbreviations, collocations, and customary expressions in company correspondence, whereas genuine annotated texts give you the reader possibilities to perform the innovations offered within the ebook. A must-read for complex novices of Arabic, this can be a ebook each student and graduate-level scholar will desire to personal.

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Example text

Second, some places and individuals have different names in Arabic and English, such as ‫ القاهرة‬Cairo, ‫ المغرب‬Morocco, and ‫ أفالطون‬Plato. There are not that many of these kinds of words, and we can find most of them in dictionaries. With non-­A rabic names, there is of course the issue of spelling variations, such as ‫طام‬, ‫طوم‬, and ‫ توم‬for Tom, and ‫مارجاريت‬, ‫مرجريت‬, ‫مارقريت‬, and ‫ مارغريت‬for Margaret. The real difficulty with proper nouns is that sometimes they have communicative functions other than referring to individuals.

Expressions such as hook up, set her up, and get her a blind date are not appropriate for this context. The phrase tried to match her with is actually an accurate description, but it might suggest that she had little say in the process, especially given that it would be used as a passive verb. Perhaps the best translation candidate is suggested in the active voice—which, just like the Arabic source word, is neutral and has no indications that she met him, started a relationship with him, or was pushed into anything; he was only mentioned to her by a friend or a relative.

6 Semantic Complexity Languages with rich morphology allow the outputs of derivational processes to function as inputs to other such derivations, resulting in morphologically complex words. For example, the root ‫ ن ض ب‬generates the verb ‫ نضب‬to run out, as in Oil might run out soon. This verb feeds into another derivation process that produces the Form IV causative verb ‫ أنضب‬to make something run out, and consequently the Form X ‫ استنضب‬to do something that causes something to run out. Finally, the output of this derivation chain feeds into yet another process, to derive the noun ‫ استنضاب‬doing something to cause something to run out in (20).

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