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The Five Year Project | How To Graduate Without Going To College While Paying Next To Zero Tuition

How To Graduate Without Going To College While Paying Next To Zero Tuition

Whether you are currently attending school or not, graduated or not this article is for you. Learning is a lifelong process that shouldn’t start or stop in university/college.

I went to school at beautiful BYU. It’s a great school and it’s very competitive to get into.

But, for some reason, I regret my decision.

The world is changing at an exponential pace. Universities are doing a good job at expanding what they do, but in my opinion, I do not think it is enough.

There are so many better options available!


3 Reasons Why Going To University Is A Sucky Decision

1) Schools are increasing their tuition at an incredible 10% per year. That’s growing faster than inflation. Other than prestigious universities that have students enrolling in their programs regardless of the tuition costs, no business could get away with raising prices like that. It’s not fair!

Each year, thousands upon thousands of students burden themselves with thousands and thousands of dollars of student debt in order to graduate.

When you’re supposed to graduate, start a career, start a family, and get on with life, it is very difficult to do so if you have a pile of debt to take care of.

2) The underlying point of all this debt that you’re stressing yourself out with is that you are guaranteeing your future. You are sacrificing in order to provide your future family the job security that your degree will provide.


We’re in the middle of a recovery people. Wake up.

Degrees do not guarantee jobs. The only thing that guarantees jobs is talent and there is more than one way to obtain talent.

3) Those two points, although unfortunate, are not the worst in the equation. Let’s say you manage to get through school and land a dream career that slowly allows you to pay back your student debt.

Then what?

I’ll tell you exactly what.

You’ll be there forever.

I don’t have a problem with the corporate world. In fact I think it’s an amazing way to learn the ropes of how a business works. It’s a great way to acquire new skills.

My entrepreneurial mentor told me: “Make mistakes on other people’s time and money.” I strongly encourage people wanting to be entrepreneurs to live by that rule.

That’s all fine and dandy, but when you’re laden with thousands of dollars of student debt you can’t afford to be fired because you need that job. Sometimes it can take a lifetime to pay that debt back. Instead of progressing in your career, switching life paths, or starting your own business you have to constantly pay attention to your debt.

Most people get stuck in this rut or ‘rat race’ and stick with their jobs while continuing to live day-by-day making other people’s (their bosses) dreams come true.

While those 3 Reasons certainly paint a beautiful picture, I think I’d prefer another route from here on out.

Education is so important. Entrepreneurs need to know so much. In a constantly changing business world it is important to be well versed in all sorts of different fields. So, instead of focusing all of your time stuck on one major wouldn’t it be better to spend a little bit of time on a variety of subjects (that you choose!) ?

Coursera provides that option.


A degree in marketing is great, but wouldn’t you rather know the basics of all things entrepreneurial?

By signing up for Coursera I am eligible to enroll for certified courses in Marketing and Finance with top professors at the University of Michigan and the Wharton Business School respectively.

Until 2012 it was not even possible for random ‘students’ to enroll at these tier-1 universities.

The advent of the Internet allows me to sit on my couch with salsa & chips while attending the best courses in the world.

For $45, I will get a certificate for a Finance course from a great professor at a Top 3 Business School in the world.

Welcome to 2013.

There is no longer any reason to put yourself in debt with ZERO guarantee that you will succeed. Make smarter decisions.

Go sign up for Coursera today, you’ll never regret that decision.

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