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The Five Year Project | How To Learn From The Wrong Path

How To Learn From The Wrong Path


This past summer I had the opportunity to travel in Southeastern Europe and eventually headed up to France, going bus to bus as we travelled country after country. Samantha and I were able to eat some of the world’s greatest foods and see some of the world’s greatest architecture. However, there is one rather ridiculous moment from this trip that stands out more than the others.

Often, when we do the dumbest possible thing available, it turns out more memorable.

We were in Oludeniz, Turkey to para-glide from the top of Babadağ mountain. Turkey is one of our favourite countries that we’ve been to. The food is delicious, the people are friendly, and the country is set smack dab in the middle of Asia, Africa, and Europe making it one of the most cultured places I’ve seen. However, this perfect combination has turned many Turkish getaway spots into tourist traps.

After asking our hippy paragliding instructors where the best spot to escape would be, we knew that we had to get away to Paradise Island.

Their directions to Paradise Beach were about as hippy as they come. Once you get to Kabak Beach, go to the people sitting on the beach and ask them to show you the path.


Kabak was unbelievable, right out of a dream.

When we got to the beach and saw that this was the beach that led to Paradise Beach we didn’t even care when the beach dwellers told us we had a 4-hour hike ahead of us.

Of course we got lost.

Not only that, but the supposed ‘path’ was marked by stones that were randomly painted white.

Stubborn as I was, I kept re-assuring Sam that we were almost there and that I was positive we were on the right trail, or lack thereof.


Our Route - Kabak


At one point, we came head on with a fairly steep incline. I told Sam, “We’re almost there. I guarantee you we can see it from the top of this climb.”

If only you could have seen Sam’s face when we got to the top.

We were at the top of a 200 ft. cliff face that plunged into the rocky sea.

The wind was strong and one step in the wrong direction….

Although it was dangerous and we were beat we probably stayed up there for 20 minutes.

After that we ended up following our path back to Kabak. We never got to see Paradise Beach.

What I Learned

Some people say there are multiple paths to any success.

I couldn’t disagree more. The truth is, there is only one correct path to any goal.

The odds of hitting that path are one in a million.

That day in Turkey we guessed wrong. It took us to the brink of amazing, but we didn’t reach our goal. We ‘failed’.

Sometimes those ‘failures’ end up teaching us more than the ‘success’ could have.

You don’t go down the wrong path and figure out your way to success. You go down the wrong path, learn, come back, and take another path and repeat until you find the right one.

You can bet that the next time we make it to Turkey that we’ll be doing the hike differently. Just like life, we’ll take another path. And another. And another, until we reach our goal.

Fail to succeed and never give up.


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