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The Five Year Project | Page 2
  • A Kindle Future

    A Kindle Future

    I recently did a pre-release of my first book. If you missed it I’ll still send it out, just subscribe by clicking >>> here <<< I told people that if they subscribed I’d send them my book. Most likely it would be an opportunity for them to be able to talk some trash to me. I offered people the opportunity

  • Why we should aim to get rich slow.

    Why we should aim to get rich slow.

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed but America is struggling. I’m not talking about the recession or an economic slump, I’m talking about an overall attitude.   Let me show you what I’m talking about with a couple of screenshot examples:     Inspired wants us to know that by watching a free 15 min. video we will change

  • My First Book: Day 1

    Alright, my first book is finished. Well… sort of. It’s raw and still needs a lot of work. I need some help. Anybody who has subscribed or does subscribe to The Five Year Project before Tuesday at midnight EST through clicking >>> here  <<< will get a pre-screen look at the book. The book is my first piece of longer writing

  • Make It ‘Til You Make It

    Make It ‘Til You Make It

    This cliché is a bit too much for me. Faking it doesn’t lead to making it, it leads to fake results. Like the saying goes: “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Rather than attempting to make it by faking it let’s switch things up. I’d prefer to say: Make It ‘Til You Make It! I want to give you an example of

  • Flight: 2 Million Dollars To Failure

    Flight: 2 Million Dollars To Failure

    In 1898, a man that no one has heard of, Samuel Pierpont Langley, received two loans totaling $70,000 USD (adjusted for inflation these loans are worth just under 2 million USD today). One was from the War Department of the U.S. Government and one was from The Smithsonian. These loans were given because Langley was deemed a worthy candidate to